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  1. Hi Luis, To have both copies just install the new version in a completely new directory/drive path. My understanding is that they are independent and you can have two versions installed at the same time. I just created a new install directory for ver 9 (FSC9) and left my previous 8.6 in (FSC) the fact that you are going to a different drive should not matter. Only concern is can you restore original position to that before you started to install the new version. Hope that helps OldBadger
  2. Hi Otto, have you tried printing the flight plan to a pdf file using something like cutepdf (or others) as this should then allow you to print duplex on the pdf output. Basically all you do is print to the pdf driver from FSC instead of the printer and then print the result to your physical device. I know it is an extra step but it should work. OldBadger
  3. Hi Volker, I have just installed the FSC full 8.3, then update to 8.4 then patch 8.4. I did this first on a new machine (but installed in C\:fsc) and the patch worked (no error with weather). After this I deleted and reinstalled FSC on my main machine as above but this time in C:\program files and it had the weather failure. I then did a reinstall on the same machine but this time in the directory C:\FSC and the weather now works. Not exhautive testing I Know but it appears on my machines that this could be related to the fact that files are in the program files directory. hope that helps track down the problem. OLdBadger
  4. Hi Volker, New registered user on the forum but been using FSC for a quite a while (great product by the way). Confirmation from me that I have a similar problem to that reported by others - weather option shows dialog box with message to say error downloading weather. My config is FSC 8.4.1 download version (will send my log file to your email address later), FSX SP2, XP SP2, FSUIPC 4.26 (registered). Have tried this on two machines one with FSX on it and one (laptop) with widefs (same results). Both machines have FSC installed in default 'programme files' directory. I know you are saying no problem but there are clearly a few reporting a very similar issue to myself so would appreciate some guidance if possible. OldBadger
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