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  1. jpark2

    VATSIM problem. (solved)

    Thank you Volker, that has cured the problem.
  2. jpark2

    VATSIM problem. (solved)

    Sorry about the lack of information but I thought it was VATSIM changing their set up again. My set up is as follows, X-Plane, F.S.C. 9.7 Rev.5 Build 06, DbManagerSE Version downloaded after last VATSIM problem, Navigraph AIRAC-1808 Rev.1, XPUIPC (Unable to establish version) Member of VATSIM and IVAO. . Windows 10 64Bit and 2 Monitors used. IVAO data is downloaded ok.
  3. Unable to load current VATSIM data. Have they moved the goal posts again?
  4. jpark2

    FSC works with x-plane!

    I also use FSC with X-Plane. It works well including hooking it up to the Autopilot, you just have to ignore the altitude read out on its display. As I fly on the VATSIM network it also gives me the position of other aircraft every 3mins. Don't know what I would do without it!
  5. jpark2

    Weather Patch

    Re-loaded the programs as suggested by "oceaniastudios" 12th Dec. - Weather problem fixed. This cleared the problem, the programmes now are loaded on D:\FSC. Regards. John Park.
  6. jpark2

    Weather Patch

    I have loaded the weather patch without success. Does the new URL need a new File Name? To ensure the program was loaded correctly, I re-installed FSC83 and FSC84Upgr. The program does not seem to access the Internet and the fail note comes up at once. Can anyone help, please.

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