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  1. Hi Pete: thanks for your help. My questions is: You write: "It isn't needed in any case. ALL the autopilot controls and read-outs are mapped in their FS98 compatible places, 07BC through to 0810. I'm surprised you even wanted to look further afield! The airspeed value is at 07E2. Of course you also need the autothrottle armed (0810) and the airspeed hold selected (07DC)." I need to control the IAS varying the rate of climb with autothrottle at climb power (constant power). If I use 07E2, 0810 and 07DC, the IAS is controlled by the thottle not by the pitch. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello to all: I am building a real hardware of an autopilot panel of a 747-200. This panel has a selection of "IAS HOLD" that maintains the airspeed "IAS" constant, varying the RATE of CLIMB to maintain the IAS constant. This is made to constant thrust power of the engines. I was proving with the variable of the FSUIPC $3460 but I don't achieve him to work. Can somebody help me???. Can I use another variable to do this?? Thanks. Jose
  3. I believe that the problem of my switch this in the variables that I am using. For check this I use the fsinterrogate and the fslook In the fsinterrogate the variables # 2F28 (CONCORDE NOSE POS PCT) and 2F30 (CONCORDE VISOR NOSE HANDLE) doesn't change when I move the part. In the fslook the variables ID # 805 (CONCORDE VISOR NOSE HANDLE) and 806 (CONCORDE NOSE POS PCT) they change from 0 with the extended part and to 1 with the retracted part. Because the fslook indicates me a change of the variable in the fs and the fsinterrogate This happens so much with my airplane, like with th
  4. I am try to make a switch in XML for move a part named CONCORDE_NOSE. My source code in XML don´t work but the part move OK. I check with the fsinterrogate all variables for "CONCORDE" (3) but nothing change occurs when I move the part. Now, if I check with the FSLook, the variables change. I suppose that my XML switch don´t work due a variable problem. Thanks Jose
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