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  1. Thank you. I got to thinking about it and kinda figured to do that. All is well and it is working great. Love the program by the way
  2. Sorry FS9 FSUIPC 3.5 FSC 8.4 download Vista 64
  3. Is there a way to select while in auto heading -do not turn until at waypoint? When I fly a flight plan my plane starts turning about 1 mile before I get to the waypoint. Most of the time this is not a big deal, but if I want to fly like a TACAN approach I need the aircraft to actually cross a waypoint before it starts the turn. I have read the manual and I appologize if I missed it. Any help??
  4. I am building a new system and am trying to decide between two CPU's. The E8500 dual core or the Q9550 quad core. I plan to run a dual monitor setup and primarily FS9 with future plans of FSX. Will the quad work better for running FS and FSC or will the dual keep up with both programs just fine. Looking for maximum performance possible and didnt know if the added cost of the quad would have a noticable benefit. Thanks for your input.
  5. I havent gotten FS Commander yet but was wandering if it is possible to enter Lat/Long coordinates as waypoints in a flight plan and if so how hard is it to do. I am joining the VUSCG and need to be able to do this while flying to create search patterns. Just trying to find out if this program can do this or not. Thanks for your help
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