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  1. Charles Bellot

    FSC10 licence (answered)

    Hello, Since I purshased FSC for the first time in 2008, I used a file to use my licence : file named "Register.fsc" put in main directory. Since I installed FSC10, it is not working anymore. How could I activate FSC10 with my puschased licence please ? Best Regards, Charles BELLOT
  2. Charles Bellot

    FSUIPC problem

    I have another question for you because Wilco support have not the solution : when I try to load Airbus Wilco/Feelthere, it crashes to desktop my FS9. Have you an idea ?
  3. Charles Bellot

    FSUIPC problem

    Sir, You're the best! I disabled Actigate.dll and I re-registred FSUIPC 3.90. Do you know what will happen whithout this file please ?
  4. Charles Bellot

    FSUIPC problem

  5. Charles Bellot

    FSUIPC problem

    In fact I have FSUIPC in my task bar now but when I select "register FSUIPC" FS9 is frozen so I have to kill FS9 process. If anyone has an idea, do not hesitate to reply me.
  6. Charles Bellot

    FSUIPC problem

    version 3.90
  7. Charles Bellot

    FSUIPC problem

    Hello, for few days, I have a big problem with FSUIPC. Last version of FSUIPC.dll is well installed in "modules/FS9", but it is not shown at all in FS9 task bar in modules section. I don't know what I can do because I cannot register it. And according to this problem, I cannot load AIRBUSES WILCO. What can I do please ? Charles.
  8. Charles Bellot


    Hello, this morning, IVAE has been updated with January 2009 datas. When IVAO airspace file for FSC will it be available please ?

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