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  1. 4.936 was released ealier today. Pete Thanks - hope the uninstall/install fiixes my issue.
  2. Have FSUIPC4934f installed with 2.3 P3D and can see FSUIPC in the menu but not able to open it. Pete - will a new version be out soon ? Thanks, Tony
  3. Thanks guys - once again, you are the best Pete! ASN looks like a winner in my book.
  4. Pete, ASN was released this evening and I have a quick question. From the screen shot you can notice the Hook Errors I'm receiving only after I installed ASN. If I do not trust the as_btstrp.dll I will not receive the error. I've read from older posts that these have something to do with weather.dll and wind smoothing options. Everything actually appears to be working but since I saw these errors I figured I would report them. If there is anything I can do to assist here than please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks Tony
  5. FSUIPC gets installed in P3Dv2 - however - the in game menu is not available. Sure hope Pete is back soon.
  6. Hello Simon - has been a while - have you had a chance to research this and come up with anything ? Thanks Tony
  7. well at least you see what I see - let me know
  8. Simon - Hello and hope you have a nice holiday. Wondering if you had any time to look into this issue I posted above? Thanks Tony
  9. As long as I know its in your plans - that is good enough for me. I'm sure your efforts will pay off for others who use VOXATC at some point. Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday. Tony
  10. Thanks Simon, Its odd how VOX can understand the AI - who they are - flight plans etc and yet TTB cant. Did VOX offer any kind of help? Will keep my fingers crossed. Tony
  11. The drop down menu in the lower left of the STB screen only shows me the departing and arriving airports for whatever flight plan I filed. Hide Incomplete Flights has always been unchecked. I really appreciate you helping troubleshoot this. Finally was able to get Traffic Tools to work. Before I launch VOX I only see my flight in the ToolBox Explorer. After VOX is loaded I then see 25 flights listed here. Again, in STB I only see my flight - I have the Summary selected in Level of Detail and Honor IFR and VFR traffic slider is UNChecked. Are these values correct ? Also, in the TTB Explorer - I did notice that all of the AI have "?" for type of flight, From, To, ETA etc. Tony
  12. - Do you see the AI in Microsoft's Traffic ToolBox Explorer? I'm not sure how to pull up this window. I have the dll registered in dll.xml but when I launch FSX I can't find how to display the window so I cant tell you if it does or not. - Is "All Airports" available in the list of airports? If it is, what do you get when you select it? Where? - In the settings notebook, ensure "Hide Incomplete Flights" is unchecked Thats only for UT2 (Im using MyTraffx) but yes it is unchecked
  13. Support, I'm trying to use VOXATC with STB. As you may or may not know, you need to put the traffic slider to 0 in FSX and let VOX generate the traffic. The only flight I see in the board listed is my flight and none of the AI. Sooo, is it possible to use this product along with VOX ? Thanks Tony
  14. Burkhard, Unlike the person who made this post - Im very pleased with the amount of traffic around KJFK. My question is simple - I would like to have a few other liveries be active other than JetBlue and British Airways. I dont know how to use MY Editor but was hoping there is a simple way you can explain that to me. Thanks Tony
  15. Interesting - Well I took off from JFK around 3pm and it was about 4pm when I landed. Again, I have made absolutely no changes to schedules and have traffic density on 80% Anyway, I'll keep trying and let you know.
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