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  1. Thank's Volker. Excellent support!!! Best regards / Peter
  2. Thank's for your answer, Volker. I've sent you a mail describing my problem. Regards / Peter
  3. Hi, I'm new here and have been gone from the FS world for quite some time. I'm now back, and in the cockpit of a PMDG 737 NGX. I've been looking for a good flight planning program for some time and finally decided on FSC9. Bought it in beginning of Febr from SimMarket. After recieving my product key, I have however had problems with the registration of my copy. Download and installation of the Demo version is without problems, updates of airports and scenerys also ok. But I cannot find any place to enter my product key to register. In FSX I cannot find the FSC9 under add-ons. When trying to get support from SimMarket I get the advice to enter the product key no in the "About menu" in the menu bar in FSX. Since I can't find it there I asked for a more detailed advice, but got the answer that SimMarket didn't know and that I should turn to the FSC Support Forum. I have followed the instructions and installed the FSC in C:/FSC (as administrator). Can someone here be so kind to give me a step-by-step instruction how I shall go about to register and turn my Demo version into the fully functioning version I (thought I) bought from SimMarket? My setup is: Vista / 64 FSX FSUIPC 4.80 FSC FSCDBM Thank's a lot in advance. (and please be overly pedagogic. I'm more of a pilot than PC nerd) Peter Sweden
  4. Think you're right. I'll try that. Thank's for your support!
  5. Hi again, Pete. No, it's not that joyview can't see the joystick buttons. It's me not knowing how to run joyview. Now I've come to a point where with the HOTAS in "Emulation on" mode (user programmed mode), I can see all joystick and throttle axis in joyview, but no buttons. Some of them - incl the microstick - seem to work as mouse inputs moving the cursor and clicking stuff. In "Emulation off" mode (Windows mode) all axis and buttons give response in joyview. Even the microstick when used as a button (pushed in). But the friggin' microstick, when moved up and down doesn't show anywhere. Any new suggestions how to put this thing to work given the above? It's really cool (in Jane's F/A-18) to slew the radar cursor to a desired target and locking it up using this microstick, while operating the other HOTAS controls simultaneousely! :mrgreen:
  6. Hey Pete. Thx for your swift response. And for the joyview tool. Can't get it to work, though. Can only see my joystick's X- and Y-axis moving. As for the microstick, it's on the throttle, like a small joystick itself, moves in all directions (up/down and all around) and can when moved up or down move the cursor on the radar screen (if properly programmed/activated i.e.) and when the cursor is over your chosen target blip, you click the microstick in and that lockes your radar target acquisition and missiles to that specific target. Real life F-16 procedure, if I'm correctly informed. Upgrading to FSX is not an option since this sim (F/A-18 Superbug) only runs in FS9. Here's a pic: Here's a program example by Kjell Olav "K@OS" Spångberg (for Jane's F/A-18) written in Thrustmasters Foxy (comes with the Cougar) which I think sets the microstick (T1) funktion in the joystick. Rem +------------------------------------------------------------------+ Rem | M O U S E A N D T D C M O V E M E N T Rem +------------------------------------------------------------------+ BTN T1 /I /H MOUSE_LB /O /H Target_Designate MIX /I 2 11 MSX(-10) MSX(-7) MSX(-4) MSX(-2) MSX(-1) MSX(0) MSX(1) MSX(2) MSX(4) MSX(7) MSX(10) /O 3 TDC_Left ^ TDC_Right MIY /I 2 11 MSY(10) MSY(7) MSY(4) MSY(2) MSY(1) MSY(0) MSY(-1) MSY(-2) MSY(-4) MSY(-7) MSY(-10) /O 3 TDC_Down ^ TDC_Up with these corresponding macros: Target_Designate = ENT Rem Designate a target using the TDC TDC_Up = UARROW Rem Slew the TDC up TDC_Down = DARROW Rem Slew the TDC down TDC_Left = LARROW Rem Slew the TDC left TDC_Right = RARROW Rem Slew the TDC right If that makes it any clearer!?! PS. This HOTAS isn't all that new. Bought it back in 2003
  7. Hi. New here. And a rookie. With problems! Here's my setup: PC: Intel Core Duo CPU E8400, 3.00 GHz; RAM 4.0 GB; 1Tb HDD; ATI Radeon HD 4800; Vista Home Premium 64bits. Joystick: Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar Sim: VRS F/A-18 E Superhornet "The Superbug" FSUIPC: version 3.85 (registered) Here's my problem. I'm a former Jane's F/A-18 "pilot" that's been off simming for many years. Now I'm on it again, and in the process of installing and configuring everything of the above. When programming my HOTAS Cougar with FSUIPC I'm running into problems with the TDC microstick. Clicking it for radar designation is ok (that's the "ENTER" button in the Superbug). But slewing the radar cursor (that's the keyboard "ARROWS") with the HOTAS microstick goes over my head. Nowhere in the FSUIPC programming tool do I find any microstick response. I've checked the microstick in the Cougar Control Panel (CCP), and it seems ok there. Can anyone help? (Please, be extremely clear in your instructions. Im REALLLLY new at this!) Thx
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