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  1. Since installing the update to 9.2 I've noticed that the DTG miles shown in the flight plan window are many more than the actual miles to the destination. It does not really correct itself until maybe the last leg. Has any one else had this, or is it just me? Everything else seems fine. I've updated the database and I'm running the current NAV cycle. Barry D
  2. Since upgrading to ver 9.1 I can no longer find my IFLY plan after I save it with the IFLY Box checked. Before, the plan would save to the ifly 747 folder. I would just copy it to the 737 folder to load into that plane. Now, I am not seeing the flight plan in either folder. Please advise. Thank you Barry FSX - Latest FSUIPC(registered) - Win7 64 Bit - FS Commander 9.1-FSC Website EDIT-Problem Solved - I had my FSX Path incorrectly described - Must have changed it by mistake. IFLY is saving to both IFLY folders now!
  3. I fixed mine some time ago with Airport Design Editor. Here is what I think I did. I opened ADE, then opened the stock airport for KLGA. I compiled and saved the file doing nothing to it so far as editing. It created a file - KLGA_ADEX_JBD.B (JBD being my initials) and it is in my ADD ON SCENERY/Scenery folder. I used the database manager in FSC and voila, it was fixed. I'm pretty sure that is all I did, like I said, it was a while ago. I believe the AFCAD used in the Imagine Sim airport did not have the ILS info and that was the file being picked up by FSC. The new AFCAD I created is now a higher priority and FSC is using it. That's my theory anyway. Hope this may help someone. ADE is a free product. Barry
  4. I've had the same problem with this airport, in FSX. Seems to be an AFCAD issue. No ILS data shows in FSC. J Barry D
  5. I purchased the latest FSUIPC4 yesterday. The version I had was only slightly older and was not registered. I ran the exec file, it said everything was installed ok and asked me to register. I entered full name, email, and the key supplied with the sim market email, just as printed. It said invalid 12 digit key. I made sure my computer time and date were set correctly. What would cause the product to not register? Barry D
  6. Flight Plans created in FSC and saved as FSX plans into the default FSX plan directory in 'My Documents' can be loaded into both the PIC 737 and the Airbus Series 1 FMCs. I do it all the time as routine. There's no need for a separate save from FSC, unlike the Level D, which needs it's own format, and works great saved from FSC into its own plan directory.
  7. I think MeatWater has a great idea, but I also think it would probably be a massive undertaking to fully integrate Active Sky into FSC. I use both programs and also Radar Contact as my flight controller. All three programs work together well enough for me on two monitors. I switch back and forth from FSC to Active Sky on monitor two all the time. ASky is always updating the weather. As has been said, FSC is the flight planner and moving map. To have it advise us to turn right to avoid that thunderstorm is perhaps asking a bit too much. I listen to Radar Contact weather reports and fly with that. Just my thoughts, Barry
  8. It would seem this makes the help file useless for anyone using Firefox.
  9. Hi Jim, I'm not sure what you mean by bridge. I did not have to do anything. I have lots of WOI AI packages installed. When I run FSX, I also run FS Commander and display the map on a second monitor. I see lots of AI Traffic, especially during the day at busy airports. I did not have to do anything special. I set my airline traffic setting to about 50% in FSX. Make sure you have traffic selected in FSC. Barry
  10. Yes Marc, I also get this message and I'm not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with using Firefox instead of Explorer. I'm hoping someone answers our posts. Barry
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