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  1. Hi Volker Once again great service with a very quick reply. Yes, I had in fact used the black line (size 3). I put the runway in first and then made the island. Since your reply I moved the line to below the island and that did the trick. It seems that otherwise the filled poly covers the line. Anyway all now works OK. Many thanks once again and also for the effort you have put into the program (and into the presumeably many answers to peoples queeries). Cheers Geejo
  2. Hi Guys I am running Win7 and using FSC 86 with data manager 86 and FSX FSUIP 3.5 downloaded from you website. Using the User Object function in the database folder I wanted to add a small island off the Eastern coast of Australia called Gabo Island. The Island went OK but my question is, how can I render the small airfield (runway) which is there? It is covered by the filled Polygon. This also seems to be a problem for water runways. Am I missing something or is there an easy way around this? Many thanks for your fine program and your help. Geejo
  3. Many thanks Volker A few senior moments. That'll teach me to go fiddling. Thanks for your prompt reply. Geoff
  4. Hi from Australia I am using now Windows 7, FSUIP4 no network, downloaded versions FSC 83, 84, 85 and 86 and DBManagers to 86. This is an old problem of mine which has resurfaced. I hope you can help. When I click on the 9th button at the top to measure distance and direction I get a black bar with no wording within it. It used to be blue. The dotted line is there but only the black bar. I also no longer get the rubber-band effect. I have re intsalled FSC 83, 84, 85 and 86 to no avail. Can you help. I've enjoyed this prog for a long time now and it's frustrating. Thanks Geoff
  5. Wow, So quick! Many thanks for your response. I will now place a little island off the coast of the state of Victoria in Australia. Thanks GeoffJ.
  6. Hi Page 54 of the manual for FSC 8.5 mentions how to create (and gives examples of) lakes etc. but it does not seem to say what to do with the text file once written. Does it simply go into the database folder? :? Thanks for your great prog. and help in the past. Geoff J
  7. G'Day again Sascha. I've finally figured it out! It's all to do with Options/Flight/Zoom with mouse wheel. Doing that fixes it. Also fixes the GPS disappearing when in FS as well.:P Now I can really enjoy FSC. Many thanks for your patience. Geoff
  8. Hi Sascha I have now bought the program so I really like it but I don't want it "always on top". In fact I don't have to. I can click on it in the Task Bar or I can use (as I mentioned before) Alt+Tab to switch from FSC to FSX and back but as soon as I alter something (or click on anything in FSC) it disappears before I see the results and I'm back in FSX. Is there any way to keep FSC on screen after an alteration is made and before switching back to FSX? Regards Geoff
  9. Thanks Volker I see that you have given the same answer to others with similar problems but with respect I'm not sure that answers the question. (a) I'm not operating FSX in full screen mode and (b) surely if it's a "Stand alone" program then switching from one to the other with Alt+Tab would keep one on screen till one once again pressed Alt+Tab? Sorry to be a "so-and-so" but I'm confused. :( Thanks again Geoff
  10. Hi I am operating FSX with a downloaded version of Flightsim Commander V8.4,FSDB Manager 84, FSUIPC V4 on Windows XP Home. I am finding that when i'm flying and call up FSC to see something and then alter a Zoom for instance, at the mouse click FSC disappears and I am back in FSX without seeing the change. Is there anything I can do about this? :? Regards Geoff
  11. Hi to you both I did what I should have done in the first place...Reinstalled FSCommander and that solved the problem. Thanks again Geoff
  12. Thanks Volker Sorry appear to be stupid but I have a screenshot of the problem in my computer. The question now is how do I post it? I'm afraid I don't understand the explanation in the FAQs. Can I send it in an email or something? Sorry to bother you Geoff
  13. Thanks Tom (FS1TR?) and Volker Yes, All of this is true...Except for the fact that the blue box you speak of is black and has no figures in it. What file could be missing? Thanks again Geoff
  14. Oops! I forgot to mention FSDB Manager84. Sorry. :D Geoff (again)
  15. Hi from Australia I am operating FSX with a downloaded version of Flightsim Commander V8.4, FSUIPC V4 on Windows XP Home. I am almost at the point of purchasing except for two things. First I can't find the $US price and secondly when I try to measure distance I get the dotted line and a small black box. No figures. :? :?: I did not see anything on this subject in the forum. Can you help please. Other than that it appears to be a great programme! Cheers Geoff
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