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  1. Hi there... this is my virgin post, so please be gentle! Just curious if anyone out there is using a 'RockNRide' motion chair? (More details on the chair here) I'm using one with FS2002. It gets its data from a program called 'motion_linear_FS2K.exe' (requires msim.dll as per all RNR programs) which in turn gets its data FSUIPC. My problem is that I am getting a 'rough ride' when using the RNR with Flight Sim. The chair is jerky and feels as though it moves in 5 or 10 degree increments, rather than a smooth operation as in other games, ie. Breakneck (N.I.C.E. 2). I'm putting this down to the 'motion_linear_FS2k.exe' program rather FSUIPC since FSUPIC appears rather stable and updated, compared to the other program. I'd love to hear any feedback about your setup if you're running a RNR and if you have an updated version of the 'motion_linear_FS2K.exe' program. I have version, no other details or locations of updates in the 'Version' properties of the file. Cheers, Tony
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