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  1. Use the 2012 schedule if you're experiencing CTD's with the 2013 schedule. That is what I've been doing. I have not reverted back to 5.4b.
  2. Warfox, I installed Alan's sound package a couple of months for MTX 5.4 and it's working perfectly. Alan, just had to post to say a big thanks for your sound package as it really makes MTX aircraft at the airports come alive with sound.
  3. I too had to go back to the 2012 schedule as the 2013 schedule gave me the same crashes. I really think it's the military traffic file for the 2013 schedule giving me the crashes because if I remove it from FSX, I get no crashes.
  4. I can happily say that I'm running with the 2013 schedules with no crashes now. After removing the military file, starting FSX to let it rebuild the index files, then closing FSX, putting the military file back and restarting FSX, I haven't experienced a single ntdll.dll crash like I used to with just the 2013 schedule. Really weird that what I did seems to have fixed my issue at least.
  5. Well, it did appear to be the 2013 MyTrafficmil.bgl causing the issues for me, but now it's working after I removed the file from the Scenery folder, started FSX, loaded KBHM at 23:45 and it loaded fine. Exited FSX, move the MyTrafficmil.bgl back into the Scenery folder and restarted FSX at KBHM at 23:45. Now KBHM loads at 23:45 with the 2013 schedule with no crashes.
  6. Would be nice if someone tried the 2013 schedule with the military file set to passive. Without that file, I can use the 2013 schedule with no crashes. MyTrafficmil.bgl to .bgl.passive
  7. UAC = user account control - in other words user security. James, try running it as an administrator. Right click on the patch file and select "Run as Administrator" and see if that does the trick.
  8. Burkard, I did some experimenting like you did and found the following at KBHM at 11:45PM with 50% airline density with the 2013 schedule: Renamed MyTrafficglobal.bgl to .bgl.passive - same Crash Renamed MyTrafficmil.bgl to .bgl.passive - no crash Renamed MyTrafficglobal.bgl.passive back to.bgl - no crash Renamed MyTrafficmil.bgl.passive back to .bgl - same crash In other words, KBHM loads with the 2013 schedule only if the MyTrafficmil.bgl is set to passive.
  9. Still getting those ntdll crashes with the 2013 schedule with the latest patch. With 50% traffic at KBHM at 11:55 PM. The 2012 schedule doesn't produce the crash.
  10. elsmoko, Go into the main MyTraffic folder and look at the file "MyCommercialRoutes.txt". Inside that file, you will see a bunch of lines that will either have 2013 or 2012 on each line. That will determine what schedule you are using. Example found in that file showing I'm using the 2013 schedule: D:\FSX\MyTraffic\MT_Plans\2013\MyCommercialRoutes.dat
  11. I continue to get ntdll.dll errors when using the 2013 schedule with 50% traffic. This time at KCVG around 21:10 local time. No crash with the 2012 schedule.
  12. kagazi, I crashed using the 2013 schedule. If I switch to the 2012 schedule, then no crashes at all.
  13. Even without that folder, I just got another ntdll crash around KLAX at 19:30 local time.
  14. UPDATE! I tried loading KPHX at 21:30 GMT with the 2013 schedule and 50% airliner density and got an ntdll error while loading. I removed the texture.My01 folder from B732MX and KPHX loaded fine with the same time, schedule and density setting. I loaded up KPHX and KDEN multiple times without that folder and everything worked.
  15. I think I've found the culprit at least on my MyTraffic install. I get an ntdll error every time I try to load up KDEN at 8:08AM local time with the 2013 schedule and 50% airline density. If I remove the 737 folders, then KDEN loads fine. After looking through some of the B732MX folders, I found one folder (texture.My01) that appeared to look different than the other texture folders. Here is what the folder looks like in B732MX. Note the size of the first file. Now here are the contents of the next texture folder in B732MX. From what I saw while looking through random 737 texture folders, they all look like below: I removed the texture.My01 folder from the B732MX folder and KDEN loaded fine with the 2013 schedule. When I put the folder back into B732MX, I got another ntdll crash at KDEN.
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