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  1. Well g-bobb success! I managed to accomplish it without having to reload FSC again. Thanks for all your help. I have had FSC long enough now that I find it is part of the flight :-) Sure as heck it's the flight planner of choice in my opinion. Thanks Again Mike
  2. Thanks g-bobb. I am a big fan of Vista and manage to cuss it several times a day. Just built a new hot computer for my Son's Girlfriend and put Vista 64 Ultimate on it. Loaning her my Vista for Dummies book :-) Have not had time to try this fix yet, but will sure let you know. I was busy getting my DCA DC3 MAAM Passenger aircraft to work in Vist. It does now and flies like a dream. A very stable realistic airplane. Mike
  3. g-bobb: Thanks for this and the effort. I tried what was previously suggested including a complete reload as Administrator. No Luck. I'll try this when I get a moment and let you know how it works. Thanks for the details, since I am new to Vista this is really going to be helpful. Mike
  4. I am in the process of upgrading to FSC Version 8.4 on a new computer and am getting the following message: "FS Commander file and folder structure incomplete! Check installation or location of program file! Program will abort now!" Here is the information on what I am running; FSX SP1, FSC 8.3, FSUIPC 4, DBManager 8.3 FSC purchased from your website. Runnig Vista Ultimate 64 (possibly the source of the problem since files are all in Program files x86) Any help is appreciated I really like FSC. Mike
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