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  1. Hi Paul Thank you so much! It was so simple but it must be known. After learning Boeing 767, I'll continue with the B206. my website ( in French but principally filled with pictures) : http://simupk-leveld-767.pagesperso-orange.fr/ Thank to Andydigital, but with "aircraft specific" I think that you can't change as much parameters in FSX than with my method. Best regards. Pierre
  2. Hi Pete I have a registered FSUIPC4 for FSX with Windows 7. I use 767LevelD (Fsuipc very usefull, exemple to built a Stearing Tiller) I just bought Dodosim: all parameters are different, so I create a FSX_Helico.exe (copy of fsx.exe) That creates a FSX_Helico.cfg , after I create in Controls a Helico.XML from Standard.XML and modify the line Controls_Current=Standard by Controls_Current=Helico in FSX_Helico.CFG. It works correctly, unless for FSUIPC The problem: FSUIPC become unregistered in FSX_Helico.exe (correct with FSX.exe). I reinstall FSUIPC4 but no change. What can I do? With my best regards. Pierre
  3. Thank you again for answering. I understand that I have many things to study and experiment specially in your documents, it's quite new for me. But it is a challenge! Best regards Pierre
  4. Re Hi Pete Thank for answering. I'll try to test 3110 : the value of the control is like 3110 or like in fsx control 6xxxx ? If I succeed I'll give the solution. An other solution is to add an axis on the handle of the steering tiller, I'm building it at this moment, when finished I'll add picture on my web site. Best regards Pierre
  5. 05D0 is a read only variable Something curious to : I found Eyepoint_forward 66528 in List of FSX controls but no corresponding value in FSinterrogate
  6. Hi Peter I'm building a cockpit with 767 Level-D (and with Nico Kaan) ( http://simupk-leveld-767.pagesperso-orange.fr/ ) I'm using FSUIPC 4 with FSX I wanted to use view direction set with an axis ( in Axis assignment) but there is no effect ( in virtual cockpit view) I get an correct effect with Panaxis Heading but Ididn't find the address of the variable. As well I have no effect with variable 833C. When I connect FSX with FSinterrogate all view variables stay to 0 In future a would like to connect and drive the view heading from a steering tiller (with SIOC); Is there there a view variable read and or write to do that. Best regards. Pierre
  7. Thank you for your quick answer. Excuse me but I don't understand what you mean by assigned in both places, in fact I found $8BAC in a script on website www.simhard.eu.tt which adapt a motorized throttle for different addons (Leveld pmdg pss pf ...) I use Lekseekon of Nico Kaan and I am registred on his forum, I'll conctact him for information. It is not very easy to detect AT engaged on LevelD because of a known little bug. I try to create a website to share my work (new for me), I just put down a video on you tube of my throttle , you can see the reverse drived by FSUIPC: thanks to Pete Dowson !Best regards Pierre KONIRSCH France
  8. I am building a motorized throttle for boeing 767 LevelD. It's working quite well in AT, now I must found a script when AT is disengaged to inactive motors. I found on the net the offset $8BAC for leveld, but on the official list of FSUIPC. Can I use use it? Other question: in reality when AT is engaged the pilot can force the throttle or any movement is inactive? Thank for answer.
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