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    Error message

    hello today when I started fs9 and after that fsc , there was a small window: " unable to connect to fs msg # ( no process respons) " I restared my cumputer but the window come again. thank-you golan
  2. golanbz

    Error message

    Hi this is from aerosoft, and I think it is ok now: Hello Golan, Did you update FSC with updates from the Flightsim Commander website. This is a common problem if you did and will need to un-install FSC, delete the folder and contents from C:\Program Files\Aerosoft\FSC as remnants will remain. golan
  3. golanbz

    Error message

    Hi It is happened again I will contact Arosoft support IS there any problem with Arosoft v ? I suggest to try your v what do yoy think? golan
  4. golanbz

    Error message

    hello yes I did after that I updating the fsuipc I install again aerosoft v. now I'd like give you all the information the first window is: " connection fs terminated " the next window is" " sorry, you evaludtion has expired, try again If I pusu no, this is the window: " laufzeitfehler 401 nicht-modales formular kann nicht angezeigt werden,w? hrend modales formular angezigt wird. this is all the information I hope that is help us to fix the priblem thank-you golan
  5. golanbz

    Error message

    Hi, I have updated the FSUIPC to version 3.9, but the error massage keeps showing up. How can I solve the problem? thank you, Golan.
  6. golanbz

    Error message

    Hi, 1.FS2004 2.FSUIPC 3.70 3. FSC 8.4.2, Database Manager 8.4 4.Aerosoft version 5.Win XP will appreciate your help, Golan.
  7. golanbz

    Error message

    hello, a few days ago , a strange error message started to show up: "sorry, your evaluation has expired. try again", and then the FSC is closing itself. I bought the software only a few mounth ago. what can I do? thank you, Golan.

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