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  1. Hello Pete, I recently started using the new GPSMAP 396 together with GPSOUT which works just fine as is. However this GPS model does also support TIS (traffic information service) which can be any transponder in mode S such as the Garmin GTX 330. My question is if it will be possible to have GPSOUT send traffic information from FS to the GPS? Would it be just another extension to GPSOUT sending additional data to the GPS? Would be cool to have GPS/Weather (via XM) and traffic shown on the GPS straight from FS. Thanks, Mannie
  2. Both, Just wanted to tell how much the use of FS as well as my understanding of my GPS has changed since I managed to make it work with FS. As a die hard VFR pilot who either uses conventional IFR procedures or VFR charts to get around flying I recently bought my GPS only to come to the conclusion that it has to many functions which can only be tested for useability during real flight. This resulted several times in stranges attitudes while trying to work the controls and GPS at the same time. Now after several flights using FS I managed to configure my GPS in such way that it presents the information I need during various stages in flight accross the different screens so that it all makes sense. I managed also to get the data displayed on the GPS map to reflect much better to what VFR/GPS paper charts are showing. All this without stepping into my airplane wasting time and endagering myself by fiddeling around with all the hidden GPS features which do not make sense unless you see them work for real. Thanks both for all of your efforts figuring things out and giving as the technology to make it all work! Mannie P.S 200 Msec works indeed better. What I also noticed is that drift is mostly caused when pausing FS for a while.
  3. Just wanted to confirm that the Garmin GPSmap 196 is indeed working without any problem. I hooked up the standard cable to COM2, configured the GPS ini file and started FS where the GPS synchronized itself perfectly with FS. What was not working is the trip logging which the 196 has after you takeoff and land at different airports. It will usually show you how long the trip took, distance and amount of landings. I wonder where such data is supposed to come from? Nevertheless, it works like a charm! Thanks for your great product and efforts. Mannie
  4. Ruud, Thanks for the information. I had to much joy with the FS2K version so I will most likely get the new ones. Thanks for your good work, Mannie
  5. Hi, Is there a special upgrade fee for existing users or do we have to purchase the whole package again? Mannie
  6. Thanks for your prompt reply! It worked as advertised. However I have only but a few flights for each aiport even when I have plenty of ramp space available. How can I increase the flights for each airport without duplicating the whole MyTraffic generated flights? Thanks, Mannie
  7. I find the way the traffic editor is being described rather unclear and confusing :? . Can someone tell me how to accomplish the following task(s) 1. I want to automatically generate flights to about 10 airports which MyTraffic does not seem to use. 2. Those airports already have a tower and gates. 3. The only airplanes which can fly into these airports are GA aircraft. 4. The end product should give me the existing MyTraffic flights plus the additional flights for those 10 airports. I use the 1.2 editor and latest MyTraffic. Can someone give me a clue as to how to go about this? Thanks in advance. Mannie
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