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  1. We have tested as you said, and no problem here. We tested 2 conditions: 1. Start FSX, and choose Flight Planner, select departure airport as VHHH 2. Choose destination airport, enter ZSPD, and it’s in the list 3. Press OK, set the IFR & High Alt airway 4. Press Find Route, the route is OK And another conditions: 1. Select ZSSS airport at free flight, press OK and Fly now. 2. On the menu, select go to airport…… 3. Enter ZSPD, and the Pudong airport is in the list We can’t replicate the problem as you said, it’s strange…… everything is fine at our side. We capture some screen sho
  2. We'll test it and patch every thing u mentioned. Thanks for your attention and support. Elite-Air Scenery Team
  3. That's correct....... just look at Google Earth, there have the black line too, but in the scenery, the effect is over shoot, we'll refine the texture for that. For the ILS approach with ATC, I havent try it yet, I'll test it soon. Althrough I never using the ATC within FS......it's crap.
  4. ZSSS - Hongqiao International Airport Scenery V2 already in progress, with more features, T2, new runway & AES support. Elite-Air Scenery Team
  5. ZSPD expansion package already in progress, with more features & AES support. Expansion package is free for exist ZSPD customer. Elite-Air Scenery Team
  6. ZSSS-Hongqiao International Airport Scenery Patch1 just released. Please login with your ID&Password to your account, and download the little patch file. This patch file correct some bugs: 1. Correct ATIS information 2. Correct taxiway & parking way for AI Traffic & AI Traffic add-ons 3. Fixed an invisble object that cause a craft crash. Elite-Air Scenery Team
  7. ZSPD-Pudong International Airport Scenery just released. Any comments & replys please post at this forum. Thanks for your support. Elite-Air Scenery Team.
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