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  1. Thanks Pete, I am not that technically minded so TQ runs using a driver. So in this instance the driver software from FSC needs to be changed? Thanks for your patience. Andrew
  2. Hello Peter, I have recently purchased an FSC motorised TQ. The TQ works well but does not recognise the full range of the reversers when deployed and the throttles sometimes don't return to full idle after small movements such when taxiing. I use FSX and W7. Can you help please. Thanks Andrew
  3. Hi Gunter, I am using 4.84 and have both steering tiller and rudder assigned directly via FSUIPC. The problem seems to be with the steering tiller assignment. The steering tiller axis through FSUIPC directly, rudder to left no worries, rudder to right little or no movement. A a certain speed all functionality restored and operation of the right rudder no worries. My workaround, assign the steering tiller using FSUIPC to FS and not dirctly through FSUIPC. I thought I must be the only one to have noticed this. No doubt Pete will have a fix for this issue. Andrew
  4. Hi Pete, I have just ventured into networking to give FSX as many CPU cycles as possible. AS2012 runs via simconnect and FSCommander, FS Real Time and TOPCAT via FSUIPC and Wide FS on a separate computer. All is running without a hitch. Anyway, thanks for the absolutely fantastic programs! :grin: Regards Andrew Dixon
  5. Can this be uninstalled or fixed so this doesn't show in FSC?Thanks Andrew
  6. Why are these roads and parking places indicated like this? Any idea.
  7. Hi Volker, Thanks for the very clear and detailed answer to my query. :) Andrew Dixon
  8. Hi Volker, Read that section again and still trying to ascertain where in that paragraph there is any reference to changing the aircraft symbol from a dot to a plane symbol? Thanks Andrew
  9. Sascha/Volker, This image is showing the IVAO network air traffic and as you can see the aircraft are shown on the map as blue dots. Can the dots be changed to Aircraft symbols? Thanks Andrew Dixon
  10. Thanks Volker, Works well Andrew Dixon
  11. Hi Sascha, Any developments? Andrew Dixon
  12. Hi Sascha and Volker, Is there a link to PACOT Routes?
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