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  1. Thanks so much Thomas, I own WideFS7, not 6 I was wrong. I have to buy a new key for fsuipc5, correct?
  2. Hi, I'm getting a bit confused on which version of WideFS to use with FSUIPC5 for P3D4. I own FSUIPC4+WideFS6 purchased from simmarket and use with FSX/FSX Steam. I understand that I have to re-buy a new key for FSUPC5, but for WideFS....can I use widefs6 or need widefs7 and buy a new key also for it? many thanks, Riccardo
  3. Hi guys,could someone help me in this simple (not for me) steps?I'd like to simplify the script, I need only to display the single checklist in a LUA display and scroll through the various checklist with a keypress or button. Do you think that is possible? This is an example: PRE-FLIGHT checklist 1) item 2) item 3) item .... when finish al the checklisy press a control key/button to switch to the next checklist BEFORE START 1) item 2) item 3) item ..... when finish again press the button for the next checklist. I'd like to use this script with FS2Crew, so I don't need text-to-speech function, but only a windows that display the single single checklist (with all item expanded) and can go to the next one via key/button. Thanks so much for your help in advance, Ric
  4. In your opinion is it possible to create a LUA plugins to retrieve data from a file and display them in LUA display? What I'd like to do is a script that reads facilities (ILS, VOR, NDB freqs) from FSX database airport (arrival airport of my flightplan) and display them in lua display window. Suppose I want to create a route EDDF-EGLL and want to display EGLL navaids in in lua display, is it possible witha LUA plugin or i need other software, like C++? I need a script that reads from FSX airport database amd display data of the airport on the screen. Thanks fo your help.
  5. I found this topic finding out a way To write down a simple plugin to display transparent window with my checklist items. This is what I want to do: 1) display in a transparent window every single checklist (pre-flight, afterstart, taxi and so on...) 2) cycle trought every checklist pushing a key when completed I only need to display the checklist, without using sound and without flag every single item, I need it for fs2crew voice control purpose. So does someone have an idea which code I have to edit/modify to display it?
  6. Hi to all people, a simple question. Does FSCommander support the export function for Wilco/Feelthere 737 PIC? which is the saving path for the routes? Thanks a lot, Ric
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