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  1. 9.8 (answered)

    I just saw that a 9.8 version is available for download. Is this true? Is this the answer for P3D v4.1? Should you uninstall the version you are now using? Mike Nicholson
  2. Installing MakeRwys in P3d v. 4.1

    Pete, Over the last ten days I have read every line of your directions to especially include the Make Runways PDF about five times over.. I'm sorry that I interpreted the instructions to mean I had to use this add on organizer. Believe me, you have made my day! Life is great again. I will now install this the same way I have been doing since FS2004. Mike
  3. After reading your email to me, I am sorry I asked my question in the P3d forum. First, switching to Windows 10 and P3d v4.1 for the first time on a new computer around three weeks ago has been a shock. I looked at your forum and web site and my understanding was I needed to install FSUIPC 5.1.22 which I did with no problem. I then added my HiFi weather and a couple of my PMDG aircraft and my sim looked and flew great. Since I always fly IFR (Radar Contact) I needed MakeRwys. I understood your directions that 4.1 had changed from 4.0. Also, that I could not just drop the MakeRwys.exe file into P3D, but needed to use the Lorby add on organizer. I messed it up the first time I tried it. Now, I was ready to try it again with MakeRwys v4.8.4.0, but wanted to be sure I was doing it right. Your email stated all I have to do is drop the .exe file into P3dD which I had not read anywhere. That's the way I have done it for years. Nothing would make me happier. If you would clarify this for me, I would sure appreciate it. Thank you, Mike Nicholson
  4. I recently left home on a five month trip. I took my MSI laptop with me so I could spend some quality flight siming time. Days before departure, I had a 500gb SSD hard drive installed into my laptop and moved the old smaller SSD to another drive. Then, I don't know why I agreed, I let them install Windows 10, the latest addition. What a shock how that turned out. (I will keep Windows 7 on my home PC to the last day. I have every thing working now except my old MSFSX program. I didn't have the installation discs, and I ended up installing FSX SE. I installed and ran without problems both the PMDG 737-NGX and the Mystic Dash 8. Both have flown fine. Yesterday, I installed the Eaglesoft Citation X. I had a few things like Reverse Thrust, Co-pilots radios and the ILS approach link not linking with the Auto Pilot Approach although with the AP off I I was able to hand fly it. Then I read a forum thread which said FSX-SE didnot work with FSSUIPC4, and they said that in the Legacy Interfaces Folder you needed to install simconnect.msi into the FSX SP1, FSX-X Pack and FSX RTM folders. Later in the evening I was Googllng all over the .net, and they said to Install FSUIPC4.958 as that was an updated program for linking with FSX-SE. So my question is should I delete Sim Connect and only use your program or leave both programs to fight it out. I'm about ready to email a neighbor and have them go to my home study and send me my discs to reinstall MSFSX. Radar Contact, my weather programs, and terrian programs seem to be working fine. Any comments or advise will be appreciated. Mike Nicholson
  5. Proper Fsuipc4 Version for MSFSX SE?

    Thank you, Mike
  6. Proper Fsuipc4 Version for MSFSX SE?

    Pete, I appreciate your quick reply; however, I still need to ask this question. Am I good to go with the .938 version I installed from simMarket or do I need to install the .938a download I read somewhere, but the link did not work? I looked in your Download Link section and did not see anything referring to a .938a download. I did another cross country this afternoon and everything worked fine including Radar Contact. I know Fsuipc has nothing to do with the buckets and RA. I have figured those out as of the present. Again, Thank you for the product and your help, Mike
  7. I recently had to replace my FSX with FSX SE on my traveling laptop. In one forum I read where you needed .938a to update FSX SE properly. On 16 Nov I downloaded a new copy of FSUIPC4.938 ( I saw no "a" version) from simMarket and installed it into the FSX SE modules folder. The only airplane I have installed is my Eaglesoft Citation 750X v2 and it flies fine except the buckets only deploy on the pre-flight run up along with the Radar Altimeter working on departure, but neither work on the approach or landing. The link to the .938a I had does not seem to work. So I guess my question is - Is what was in .938a in the version of .938 I downloaded from simMarket? Thanks, Mike PS: I see FSX SE is using sim connect. Does that conflict with FSUIPC in any way? Thanks, Mike
  8. Wilco Falcon 7x

    Does anyone know what the status of the Falcon 7x is? I see you can purchase the DVD but not the download. I have not been able to find a review on the airplane, and am beginning to wonder if it has actually been released. Mike
  9. My FSC Is Locking Up (solved)

    Volker, I have it all working the way I want it now. All set, Thank You for all your help, Mike
  10. My FSC Is Locking Up (solved)

    Volker, I've re-read this and it seems to me you are saying I have all my flight plans in the old 2004 format, which I'm guessing 8.6 used to send them to FSX. The fact is that all these flight plans were made in 8.6. I wish there was a download for it somewhere as life was good under 8.6. It even updated through Navigraph. All my PMDG aircraft will pick these up in their FMCs. I've always kind of wondered about this as I remember PMDG saying their FMCs would not import from FMC. So now my two 9.6 flight plans will export to my two non-PMDG aircraft. There is a PMDG folder in my FSC flightplans folder. How does that interplay with my flightplans. I need to send an email to PMDG and see where I'm at with this. Basicly, this is the same problem I had with 9.3, but I never had a clue that these flightplans were in 2004 format. Just when you think you're flight simming 5 x 5, you get a new challange. Life is great! Mike
  11. My FSC Is Locking Up (solved)

    Volker, All my flightplans, a considerable numbrer, were generated with 8.6. I now have two flightplans I generated with 9.5.. This morning I tried a couple of different things: 1. Although I set these two flightplans up with 9.5. and they are displayed in 9.5, I cannot open them in FSC again - it just tells me they are not a FSX flightplan. These should at least open in FSC. 2. Other than my PMDG fleet, I have a Flt 1 Cessna Mustang, and a Lionheart Lear 24B. I can load both of the new flightplans into their GPSs. 3. None of my PMDG aircraft FMSs contain the two new flightplans. Mike
  12. My FSC Is Locking Up (solved)

    Hi Volker, I hate to tell you, but it's me again. I have 9.5 set up for FSX. I have the proper path inputed setting forth the correct path to my FSX flight plan files. If I go to Open a FSX flight plan I had before I installed 9.5, it opens right up, and I can change it and print the new flight plan with no problem. Also, all my airplanes can input it into the FMS. However, If I set up a new flight plan and save it as FSX, it appears in my FSX flight plan folder as say "KLANKMKE.pln 10/312014 3:50PM as the Type is listed as a PLN file. Opening it in Notepad shows it as a xml file and while it has the correct waypoints it is in a different format and will not load in any of my aircraft. It also says it is a SimBase Document Type=AceXML. All my other FSX flightplans, and I have a bunch, are identified as a PLN file rather that a pln file which load into FSC and FSX fine. Also, when I go to 5.9 and try to Open it again, I get a window telling me it is not a FSX flightplan. Volker, any clues will be appreciated. Mike
  13. My FSC Is Locking Up (solved)

    Hi Volker, Well, I am happy to tell you I am back on course with 9.5 just working fine. Thank you for all your help and advice. I was able to register it with my 9.3 key, and all I had to transfer manually was my IVOA flightplans folder. So, I was able to make a small enroute change and reprint the flight plan I started out a few days ago to do in my old 8.6. I do appreciate your efforts. Mike
  14. My FSC Is Locking Up (solved)

    OK Volker, OK, I am commited to installing 9.5; however, I have run into a glitch, and am not going further until I check with you. I have read everything I can find regarding this installation and have printed copies of these readings spread all over my desk. So, I uninstalled 8.6 thru my Control Panel, and installed 9.5. Ran the DbManager, which reflected 9.5, and updated the FSX airports and scenery files. It reflected I had a Registered Copy. I did register 9.3 in Aug 2013, but gave up on it and went back to the 8.6. Todays 9.5 instalation left me with the 9.5 DbManager short cut on my desktop, but no where do I have any 9.5 files reflected and cannot open FSC. The following are the only files I have in my S:\FSC folder now. I tried to copy and past but it wouldn't work. The FSPlan folder does have all my flight plans. About all I fly is PMDG in FSX. I was tempted to delete everything below except the FSPlan folder and the Register.fsc file and reinstall 9.5, but want to see what you say first. Please advise, Mike That left me with: Database (Folder) FSPlan (Folder) An Index file FSCDbManagerini.old fsc.old dtd: 12/2/2009 Register.fsc 8/19/2013 All of these files, except as noted, were dated 10/29/2014
  15. Hello Volker, Use FSX only; FSUIPC v4.928; FSCv8.6 Build 200210; FSC Db Mgrv8.6net, (Build 021209; Navigraph AIRAC 1411; a sim flight download; all with Win 7. I have had FSC 8.6 for years and have used it for flight planning departure, arrival and enroute airways and waypoints. I have never had a problem with it. In 2013 I bought the downline version of FSC 9.3; however, I had so many problems with trying to load it properly, I just went back to my old reliable 8.6 as it did everything I needed for IFR cross countries and Radar Contact. I have a whole slew of flightplans saved in FSC, and my Radar Contact and Flightsim X files so I don't often make a new flight plan now-a-days. Yesterday, I needed to make a change in a FSC flight plan and print it. FSC opened with a right click, I selected the Airport, went to the drop down Flt Plan Menu, selected Open and opened the flight plan I needed with it set forth in the flight plan box. I then descovered everything was locked up. I couldn't move the map around, couldn't drop any of the windows down, etc. Finally had to Ctrl/Alt/Delete to close it. Today, I got ambitious and deleted 8.6 and reinstalled it, ran the Db Mgr box which said I was good to go, and the same thing happened. It locks up on me. I thought about trying my FSC 9.3 again as I have the key and everything, but somehow I didn't keep the original download, and couldn't find any place to download it. Dodn't feel like tackling 9.5 unless I have to. Appreciate your help and advice, Mike Nicholson, Sequim, WA USA