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  1. I have updated my P3D V4 and P3D V5 with FSUIPC 6. In P3d v4 I have Laap installed (http://laap.atc.free.fr) in the modules folder of P3D V4 and this works fine. In P3D V5 laap is installed in ...\documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\Fsuipc6 (See A.jpg) The file LaapATCv21.lua is not read by FSuipc6 and also I cannot find a FSuipc.log file. Fsuipc6 is registered and P3D v5 recognizes FSUIPC . I do not know what the reason is that I cannot get the program to work
  2. I have two computers. Computer 1 is running P3d, Fsuipc and WideFS Computer 2 is running WideFS, Ivao and TeamSpeak I have the Saitek Cessna yoke and like to program button 0 on the Yoke as TeamSpeak pushbutton with the Scroll Lock key. (F12 does not work for me) On PC2 I have in the WideClient.ini added: [User] Log=Errors+ KeySend1=0 KeySend2=0,1 UseSendImput=Yes Computer2 In P3d – Fsuipc – Buttons – Button 0 – Select for FS control – Keysend 1-255 (widefs) – Parameter 1 – Control repeat – Keysend 1-255(widefs) – Parameter 2 TeamSpeak settings: Settings menu – Sound Input/Output Settings – set Push to talk to Scroll Lock. Teamspeak should now run on the client machine (Computer one) The joystick button not works. What is wrong in my settings?
  3. I like to setup a network, one computer P3d and the other Flightsim Commander installed. I have on both systems windows 10 installed. Is there a understandable appendix (Not the one in the manual) for windows 10?
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