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  1. I'm not sure what the problem is. I clicked the download buton on my msg and it worked OK.
  2. Here's a C++ project that will create an fs dll, add itself to the menu and open a blank dialog box in the fs window when selected. In the "GAUGES linkage =", 0x900 needs to be added as stated in the 1st post here to avoid the incompatable dll warning in fs9. I am fairly sure vb can't be used to make an fs module dll. A low level language like c is needed. ModuleSource.zip
  3. Bjorn, Just change the windows style in your INS to WS_EX_TOPMOST, and it will run on top of the FS window (and all others). I don't think VB6 can be used to make a module dll or gauge. If you look at the gauge SDK, you will see that it is all straight C. I don't think VB lets you make low level calls that gauges/modules need to make. If a module has the correct exports: "ImportTable" and "Linkage", FS will load it and DllMain will be called with dwreason = DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH. Then your module has to hook into FS's winproc, add itself to the menu, and do it's stuff when selected. It is very difficult to get a 3rd party window to work correctly as a child of FS2002. The previous developers of squawkbox were unable to get it to work that way. Pete is right. I don't think you want or need to mess with this. A gauge and module share the same export structure, but the simularity ends there. You can't rename one and expect it to function as the other. King
  4. Pete or anyone, Anyone know how flightmax and some other addons get data on the relative locations, densities,dimensions, etc. of clouds for weather radar? King
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