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  1. I would really, really like to see this. As a GA type in XP11, the lack of AI traffic for GA is my single biggest disappointment. It seems to me the heavy preference is for Air Carrier (airline) AI traffic, while ignoring GA and Military. Is there any possibility for MYT or another competitor to develop an AI program for XP11?
  2. Incredibly, my failure to notice the 'High Alt' and 'Low Alt' boxes to the right represent my entire issue. Thanks for your patience and your assistance.
  3. Greetings, I have looked through the manual on flight plan construction and have a few questions on manual construction using airways. Whilst I reside and fly within the U.S., I will use an example in Germany for better illustration: 1.) EDDF-EDDM Request : Low Alt Plan: Result: EDDF AMTIX Z403 AKONI Z74 HAREM T104 WLD EDDM. 2.) EDDF-EDDM Manual Low Alt Plan: Request: EDDF KOSEF Z74 HAREM T104 WLB MAH EDDM. Result: EDDF KOSEF HAREM MAH EDDF. Is it possible to construct a Manual Low Alt Plan? If yes, can you provide a step-by-step or cite the manual reference? Thanks / Les Parson
  4. I had it working for a few years before a computer failure forced a reinstall which was unsuccessful. Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks of frustration until I collapsed in total frustration. Maybe I'll give it another shot.
  5. Many thanks Pete. Moments before your post, I amended the Wideclient.ini to include the Server Name per your instructions on page 4 of the Users Guide. This did the trick and I thank you sir for your prompt response. By the way, I was surprised at your response since I thought you were on holidays until 8/20. Too bad you did not develop Simconnect for networking. There are certain products I have not purchased as a result. Les Parson
  6. Greetings, I've struggled for hours trying to get WideFS on a new client. I've dis abled firewalls and UAC on the new client Windows 10 machine and the server. I also copied Wide Client .cfg and .ini files for a second "good" client and shared as much as I can think of. Could someone help in deciphering something from the attached logs? WideServer.log WideClient.log
  7. Hi Volker, Thank you so much and thank you for such a great product as FSC!
  8. 1.) FSX. 2.) FSUIPC 4.955. 3.) FSC Is on a network PC. 4.) FSC / DM Version Rev. 7. 5.) Navigraph Airac 1607. 6.) Download from FSC site. 7.) Windows Vista as one of two Clients; FSX Server Windows 7. 8.) Total of 5 monitors : Server - 3 monitors; Clients - 2 monitors. Les Parson
  9. With Rev 7, The Nav Data Window is always minimized and unable to have it displayed. This is Windows Vista. I have attempted this with and without 'Run as Administrator'
  10. Greetings, A few years ago, I recall a Remote Text Box App available for download that I thought was developed by Pete Dowson. As a matter of fact, I use it on a network system for Radar Contact. now, I'm setting up a new system at an alternate location and wonder if It is still available. Many thanks / Les Parson
  11. Disregard, I guess? All is working ok now. I have now offically used all three AI programs for FSX. MYTX offers by far the most; thanks for a great program!
  12. After installation FSUIPC and WideFS is not working. With CH Yoke axis controls also not working. This is the second MYTX installation following re-install. the first un-install was per the instruction manual. I searched the forum for history, but found none. Windows Vista-64.
  13. Greetings, I'm trying to set elevator trim centre using the CH Eclipse yoke by pushing the large vertical trim when on the yoke, thence selecting 'Elevator Trim Set' from the 'Buttons + Switches' tab. I've followed the directions on Page #35 of the Users Guide: "Another useful example is a button to exactly centre the elevator trim: Elevator Trim Set is the control, and 0 is the parameter Again, as with key presses, you can have a separate control sent when you release..." However, it's not working; I'm sure I've missed something somewhere?
  14. Using Vista64 network; scenery cfg tool used sucessfully for scenerycfg.fsc in the FSX directory. When starting the Database manager after 1%, error states: "File not found or no access. Check FSCDBM log". I do that and receive: ==== now all bgl files ==== ===== Error Error Error ===== Source: cmdWorld_Click = 52 = Bad file name or number ============================= also run Database Manager as Administrator. Many thanks / Les Parson
  15. Thank you sir. I actually printed all 59 pages of the manual and refer to it often, but I'll confess I did'nt read that part. Thanks for the sound advise. -Parson
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