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  1. Thanks Burkhard....got it all installed now. These upgrades might not be so difficult to find for the young bloods but you're dealing with a man here who frequently finds he's walked into a room, thinks; 'why am I in here?' Remembers, but then realizes he's in the wrong room. By the time he finds his way to the right one, he's having a difficult time remembering what he came in there for!!! :rolleyes: ;) :D John
  2. Hi Burkhard My present version is 5.4.a with an upgrade. Kindly tell me where to find 5.4.c. (the path to it would be great) and if I need to have 5.4.b before I can upgrade to 'c'. Many thanks. John
  3. Yhanks Burkhard That's useful to know. best wishes John
  4. Thanks Andy. Yes I see. Now I understand why Tony M emphasized it was important that six parking spaces were available as he knows I have MTX. I mistakenly thought he was telling me I had to add the airport to the MTX list! :roll: I can be such a fool at times and its getting worse! :wink: :lol: All the best Andy and thanks again. John
  5. Hi Burkhard As usual, I'm a bit confused. :roll: :oops: I have replaced FSX airports with tailor made ones in the UK after installing MTX. They do automatically have the airplanes flying in and out and taxiing and everything don't they? Or do I have to add the airports to MTX again in some way? Hope you're keeping well. Many thanks John
  6. Goodness me Burkhard you're quick. Thanks for the answer though. So, it's only the 'plane I'm flying that'll have the passengers. I thought I might see them milling about on the aprons getting in and out of your AI 'planes. Bit too much to ask for I suppose! :wink: You know, now I've got it working really well, MTX I would say increases the enjoyment of sim flying by 100%.. :D All the best. John
  7. Thinking of purchasing this but before I do I just want to ask what impact, if any, it may have on MTX please? Oh, and if anyone has it, is it as good as it sounds? Thanks John
  8. Hi Burkhard, I barely understood half of that but a famous quote in this Country is from the legendary King Arthur to a very young Merlin (later the magician to his court) is; 'There are more things in heaven and earth than this world dreams of.' Which is what I think you are saying. If so, I firmly believe that too. John
  9. Too right mate. :lol: :lol: :lol: John
  10. Hi chaps. I'll not bother you but will leave you with a bit of a mystery. I've made every one of those bgls that I put '.off' against active again by taking the '.off's away and guess what? MTX is working fine. I've had a little fly in Autralia from one of those Airports and they all work fine. In fact, everything works fine! :D So what was that all about?!!! :roll: :? Computers.......! :o...... Never fail. All the best. John
  11. Hi Andy and Burkhard Well, the good news is that I have MTX back! :D I've only tried Bristol so far, but I think it's reasonably safe to assume if it's there, it'll be everywhere. My goodness, did FSX take a long time to load though. I hope that's not going to be a feature of the future but I expect it had a lot to take on this first time. After a defrag now, I'll start the tidying up process of deleting the MyTrafficX off file from the drive and then seeing what effect deleting the '.off' bgls one at a time has on MTX. I can't thank you enough Andy. As always with me, you've been more than brilliant and very patient. Wish you lived next door! I bet you don't though! :lol: Now Burkhard, what more can I tell you? I first purchased MTX 5.2a on the 6th.June 2009 on the recommendation of Tony M. I purchased it from SimMarket on Andy's recommendation and the installer is the 'SimMarket Edition Install Program'. As far as whether it works in the rest of the world is concerned, I have yet to find that out. However, as long as I can use it in the United Kingdom and USA, Canada and if I can't put the Australian traffic back on that I had to disable, there too, I'll be happy. Europe and other places will be nice but those I've mentioned are where I normally fly. I'll report back. I have a theory running around in my head, and I know its not logical and shouldn't have made a difference, but perhaps I should have put all the Australian scenery back on before re-installing MTX. That may have prevented it from going belly up....maybe! Well, I had better get on with the defragging. I imagine there's a lot to do. Thanks again John
  12. Hi Burkhard I'll try to find the answers to your message later - the disc doesn't say who supplied it except that underneath the title is the name B. Renk and underneath that is the Order ID and Customer ID numbers. At the bottom is the advice to check the CD for extra product files etc. I think I got it from SimMarket on Andy's recommendation but I'll have to check and I haven't the time now because I have to go out. In the meantime, I need to ask Andy two questions, so that when I come back this afternoon I can start straight away : Andy, 1. Before re-installing from the CD this afternoon should I 'remove' My Traffic from the FSX Scenery Library? 2, Having installed it and hopefully got it working again, will it be safe then to one by one remove the '.off' from the traffic bgls until I find the one, or others, at fault?. I mean, will that stop MTX working completely again and then not start, even if I put the '.off' back on? John
  13. Ok Andy - thanks. I'll have to do it tomorrow now as once again we've arrived at dinner time...well nearly and I'm famished and don't really want a divorce! :lol: I'll let you know how I get on. John
  14. I really am sorry Andy, but I don't remember downloading MyTrafficX - I did it from the disc but I don't think you mean that? John PS - Sorry. Just had a look and I said 'download'. I meant from the disc. Is that what you mean Andy?
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