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  1. Superb, all dandy now.
  2. I do videos. TP is nifty for casual simming as well. Great service.
  3. Interesting, it has worked here forever and with 4.3 / 5.124 as well. I'd be appreciated if we had an option to select processing at our own peril. It's important for some users. TY for the programme.
  4. Are you saying, that processing wasn't supposed to work in 5.124? Can you post here the last released 5.124 build?
  5. A quick heads up, in 4.3 with the build 5.132, the controls freeze in the TP window, but are restored as it is closed.
  6. Hello, I've noticed a strange bug in the latest version (it may affect other versions as well). When you open the time preview window, flight controls stop working until you close the window and enter a menu. I've done my axis assignments in FSUIPC. I found out v5.124 from my cluttered desktop, and it seems to work normally.
  7. wiltzei

    FSUIPC4 4.60

    Yes, I tried them, without success. However, I managed to fix the problem. :D I tried the following solutions, and somehow it worked out. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956702 Initpki.dll was not found on my system. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947821 This program probably did the trick (System Update Readiness Tool). Thanks for your help, and continuing development of FSUIPC is much appreciated. :wink:
  8. wiltzei

    FSUIPC4 4.60

    What's "Global Root" problem? Sorry, I meant Globalsign Root. Or whatever the error message said when the problem appeared (restart fsx / enable service et cetera). You've not confirmed you've trusted it yet, then. It would either be in the Untrusted or Trusted tab. It needs to be NOT untrusted. Else it doesn't matter. Regards Pete No, it´s not there anywhere. I also tried manually importing the certificate by right clicking FSUIPC4.dll -> properties et cetera, but it´s no good. It looks like something is really broken in my OS. I tried installing .NET Framework 4.0 standalone package for testing purposes, and I´m getting the 0x80092026 (The cryptographic operation failed due to a local security option setting.) (0x800B010B), "Generic trust failure. " error message.
  9. wiltzei

    FSUIPC4 4.60

    I got Global Root problem "out of nowhere". Yesterday FSX was running totally fine, as it always has. I also haven´t experienced digital signing problems ever before. I did the checklist found in this post, expect re-installing Windows http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=80782&p=488851#p491302 I couldn´t find any trace of SimFlight in Control Panel | Internet Properties | Content | Certificates. Windows seems to have updated itself recently. Maybe the problem is due to the updates. Stardock Fences also stopped working at the same time as FSX.
  10. wiltzei

    No traffic in KSFO (US Cities X)

    That´s a shame. I really like EVPX´s speech acceleration feature. Do you happen to know if EVPX can be installed after MTX´s voice pack installation?
  11. wiltzei

    No traffic in KSFO (US Cities X)

    I did a fresh installation of FSX + many addons I own. Now MT works fine. I´ve gotta mention one thing, though. Updating voices seems to be impossible after running EditVoicePackX.
  12. wiltzei

    No traffic in KSFO (US Cities X)

    I edited my post above @ the same time you posted youre answer. :D I misunderstood youre question first, but there´s a screenshot of my scenery\world\scenery -folder In my previous post. Yeah. You guessed right. I guess I´m gonna have to reinstall everything if I wanted lost traffic back. Oh well, it´s not a big deal after all. Keep up with the good work. 8)
  13. wiltzei

    No traffic in KSFO (US Cities X)

    Interesting. No traffic on KLAX either. However, there are planes on KLAS and KDEN. I´ve got a couple of photosceneries there. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=76493#p468140
  14. wiltzei

    No traffic in KSFO (US Cities X)

    It´s possible to do both the things you mentioned. No difference in AI flights after disabling addons. There´s one thing I have to mention. The simulation has started to behave strangely. At first, it loads normally and after a couple of seconds, it loads AI traffic again. I reckon this might be a some kind of symptom. :D
  15. wiltzei

    No traffic in KSFO (US Cities X)

    MT works fine on any other airport. However, I checked KSEA in addition to KOAK and KMRY, no traffic on KSEA. Double checked. I made just a complete reinstall of MT and disabled default traffic from Communicator. Then I disabled SanFrancisco_Traffic.BGL for the 2nd time. Still no AI planes... Scenery\World\Scenery Scenery of USCX:SF

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