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  1. Oh and for your information FS9 is not out dated. Theres probably more people running it than FSX I wouldnt runFSX if you payed me. Bill
  2. There is a way in FS9 to turn it off. But I got to say I dont like your attitude. All I did was ask for help and I found it at another forum where there are people ready to help you. Bill
  3. Hell; Is it normal for FS9 to pause when ever you click one of the GPS buttons and when you go to look at the map in FSC. This is very anoying to say the least. Bill
  4. I would like to enter the Piper Archer III in FSC. Where do I get all the info to enter into the boxs. Bill
  5. I figured it out. You cant have the flight sim window maximized. When you go from the FS Comander map to flight sim the GPS window shows up so that on top option is on . I couldnt find the option anywhere in FS2004 or FS Comander to tun it on or off. Thanks Bill
  6. Hello; How do you get the gps window to show up in flight simulator 2004. I have a registered 8.5 version of flight comander. Bill
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