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  1. Hello and thanks Vaughan. The tech setup is pretty much as stated, being: FSX FSUIPC 4 with Widescreen (though WS is not currently inuse) FSC 8.5 (Stock - as downloaded) Vista 32 Nothing Aerosoft or indeed anything at present. Just reinstalled and running on minimum spec until the problem is localised. Oddly, have had a chat with a chap this afternoon who suggested trying to re register the software, as he had seen similar things happening with other programs before and I am trying this as I type. So far, so good... Only around 24 mins to go :-)
  2. I have searched through the forum, but this problem seems most similar to mine. Using FSC through FSUIPC 4 (Vista, 32 bit) I have started suddenly to get a "Disconnected from FSX" flag after a short time - maybe ten, twenty of thirty minutes. This all started from nowhere ;ast week and was then accompanied by a White Screen failure of FSX a few seconds later. Needless to say, I have reinstalled FSX and FSC several times, but the problem keeps coming back, though so far, it seems that FSX will now stay running. This is a mission critical problem for me in multiplayer and I wonder if anybody can advise, or report if they have met up with this or similar problems. kind regards, John
  3. Thanks Sacha, that is very helpful. I will direct my efforts towards FSUIPC now though from what you say, my understanding now, is that the FSX and add on radar that I use are not using FSUIPC and that their data is directed from FSX itself, thus allowing superior range. Thanks once more. I use FSC pretty much every day and it still delights me with its' capabilities. Keep up the good work! I will try yout suggested tweak when I get a little more time and report back. Thanks once more. kind regards, John
  4. That is a very useful and informative reply, for which I thank you. However, I wasn't thinking of LVAO or VATSIM, but our old friend Gamespy. Using even FSX itself, I get over 80 miles of radar range, but this is not really usable, as the Airfields and VOR's have reduced to pinpricks by this point. If FSC could get this same range, it would be wonderful as the symbology is far superior (Compass roses around the VOR's, ILS feathers, clickable utility info etc.) and gives both controllers and pilots a far better experience and confidence level. As it stands, FSC would be the very best tool for ATC work if that range could even equal that shown by others, such as FSX or the Eric Marciano add on radar. I sense that FSC has been set up for LVAO or VATSIM but as a consequence,is missing the enormous impact it might have if the radar range was improved for FSX and Gamespy. The only other improvement I might think of would be Aircraft tags with more comprehensive information. If there is any way that I could improve the range, it would make life so much easier and more enjoyable for all session users. I may have sold another copy of FSC tonight on your behalf, as so many others are interested in using it as an ATC utility. The FSX tower complete with all of its features would be a great place to be - if only it worked. I think that a tweaked and optiised FSC would reach out to a new market, but that radar range is critical. kind regards, John
  5. I have a slight suspicion that you might not be quite right, as I have another radar that shows contacts at much greater range than FSC. It is such a pity, because in FSC and with a few tweaks, there is another superb program just waiting to be developed and a market in which to sell it. (Are you listening Volker? :-) I would happily be the first purchaser! Another question here. Using FSC as an ATC radar, is there any any way of stopping the display from being just centred on that aircraft? Another use would be when trying to scroll ahead of the flightpath to select VOR's or other navaids. Thanks for your help and reply. Please come back if you can think of anything else. best regards, John
  6. I am currently using the prog as an ATC radar, but seem to only get radar contacts out to 40 miles and could do with more range. Does anybody have any ideas to increase coverage? kind regards, John
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