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  1. Hi Pete, Thanks for your suggestions. I tried allocating the same command to both 'operate and cancel' modes, but the continual flicking on and off continues. I've taken a look at your other suggestion of using an offset, but without a lot more studying this one eludes me. I understand the offset value has to appear in the ini file, but as to yet i am unsure of the contents of the command to enter, so i shall persevere with this and try and grasp the concept. Until then, i think i will just try and modify a switch to operate the toggle keys with a rocker.!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again..........................Tony
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help with this one. I am building a cockpit panel with the use of a keyboard emulator. Some of the switches, like certain lights, are ok. These use an on and off command, but many lights, master battery, avionics etc, are only available as 'Toggle' commands, and when connecting a rocker switch and programming through fsuipc, the relative panel switch continuously operates on and off. Is there a command i can use to cancel this action or enter into the 'action when released' section. I understand that a toggle command is a simple momentary make action, but is there any way i can make it an on and off command Any help gratefully received Cheers
  3. Hi Pete, Thanks for the response. I'll keep trying your suggestions, but not sure you catch my drift. I'll run it all through again, and if i get no joy, i'll come back and try and explain myself a little better. Thanx anyway........Tony
  4. Hi guys, New to the forum and not quite sure if i'm in the right place. My question concerns allocating keys in fsuipc to build a 'panel' for my Twin Bonanza, in FS9, using a keyboard emulater. Basically i've allocated most keys i require through fsuipc to operate all the variouse needs, re, lights, radio's, nav requirements etc. PROBLEM, - Example - I've allocated key 'C' to access my com radio, and i can alter the frequncy with the other settings i've used.......great. How do i return to the screen to allow me to alter zoom in or out, or cancel the com radio view and allow me to enter my nav, squark, etc. At present i am using a mouse muse app that allows me to reset the main screen view via keypad 1, which emulates the left mouse button. I wish to eliminate the use of my mouse, but cannot find the suitable command in fsuipc or the FS9 assignment options to allocate a key to. Anybody got any ideas...............thanx in anticipation................Tony