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  1. Here is a script for automatic sync transponder switch in PMDG 737ngx for squawkbox, so when you switch it to on(any mode except standby) SB4 also go to on and off if in standby. Don't know if it can work in 777 as well but if the offsets are the same it will. 737NGXSB4.zip
  2. Thank you Pete, yes was monitoring the offset in FSX change, when opened the log i found the errors, corrected those and now is working well! In SB4 the 0 is for Normal (on), so it's inverted. i will publish the script for ohers to use as it's requested feature from some of us. Unfortunately IDENT in NGX737 is not mapped...
  3. function SquawkMode(offset, value) if value <> 0 then ipc.writeUB("7b91",0) else ipc.writeUB("7b91",1) end end event.offset("65CD", "UB", "SquawkMode") Hi Peter, i'm using this script to monitor the change in XPDR mode in the PMDG 737NGX and change the SB4 mode automatically but nothing seems to work, can you point me in the right direction? Here is the script:
  4. Is possible to read Lvars from iPhone/Ipad and display those on it? If so what is the way to do it? We need a server or we can connect directly to fsuipc? Thank you for the reply
  5. Thanks Peter, but math is not my best! The formula works but the problem is FSUIPC truncate 0.0078125 to 0.00781 so when my pot is at zero fsuipc diplay 1, it works only the first time but if you open the GUI it perform that trunc can you have a look?
  6. I have the same problem, but my valuea are -16384 to +16383, how to scale it to 0-255 using the full pot travel?
  7. Peter i was out on holiday, i will check the new version and see how it works, without you FS will not be the same! many thanks.
  8. Peter you're the man! Your support is great! At the moment i can't try it in my sim to see the results, can you tell me if it is better using my lua script or assign it directly in fsuipc .ini? Ok now it will be great if you can add copy to offset xxxx in the interface tabs and we will be ok, i think it is one missing function in the FSUIPC not only for the AST, 'cause many Interface like FDS or opencockpit use Joystick emulation. So it will be great if we can program or re-route a joystick axis value to the specific offset. Best regards,
  9. AST is a company like Projec Magenta but they do a more specific Airbus suite. Don't know why they use those specific offsets, the only thing i know is that they use the 4898 take the values then control the fs flaps by using their logic 'cause the airbus logic acts different on flaps. As you can see we asked in their forum but nothing happens so i have had to invent some way to do this, maybe they used an epic card before but now it is useless. If i used a pots in an opencockpits card we can use SIOC, but using a joystick card i was forced thanks to LUA to reprogram it... So can't you help us on that?
  10. The 4898 is used for Flaps logic in AST, what the 4898 need is the a value passed by an axis it is basically a flap lever. So the point is this we need a custom facility to Calibrate an axis, name it for example custom axis 1 then assign the constantly updated values to an offset in this case 4898. What i did you can understand in the lua logic script, i assigned an axis from my joystick card i took Mixture4('cause it is unused in my setup) then pass the values to offset 4898. Hope i explained myself.
  11. Hi Peter, i would like to ask if it is possible to include this option directly in FSUIPC main interface, what i need is to pass a joystick axis value to an offset to resolve this problem what i did is to use a lua script but i would feel more comfortable if you can do this natively you can follow the discussion regarding this in the ast forum http://www.airsimtech.com/forum/forum_pD=286&PN=1 Also another thing is that i saw that now you can limit the range instead of -16383, but use full travel of the axis what i need is from -4096 to +16383 needed for AST throttle how i can obtain this? Thank you for your support.
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