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  1. It is not my case. And I am used to read, you know. I have spent hours (almost 5!!!) with Microsoft Russia specialists to straigten out issues of networking between Hewlett Packard and Toshiba. Networking on Win 7 64 is quite a task. Especially with pre-installed OS. Anyway. It worked. And I feel almost happy. Volker, am I allowed to run my copy on 2 computers connected in home network? Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Thanks, Volker. Volker aller Lander - vereinigt Euch! :razz:
  3. Guys, I have lost Minimum Safe Altitude Option, for some reason. As I prefer to fly in mountains - it is critical for me. The attached image shows the issue. - There is something out there in the sea :mrgreen: ; - and there is nothing on surface.
  4. Okay, guys. I still have been trying to set FSC on laptop while having FSX on desktop. It is not urgent (as I have 2 monitors). But it would be really handy. After setting all network connections I have got the following. I am fighting to understand where I was wrong and to understand the meaning of the phrase (in red). Could anyone re-phrase it for me, please. P.S. I have reg copy on my desktop - this screenshot is from laptop. I would appreciate your assistance. Thanks.
  5. Pete, thanks for your answer. Apparently the system does work as primary computer (in FSX) says "1 client connected". So I believe Wideclient.exe is onto my client and run. I will read the manual again. As to FS Commander. When I open data base program in FSC it suggests to give path to FSX. And all options are inside non-FSX computer.
  6. Pete, After reading WideFS User's Guide for 5 times I just came to sad conclusion that I didn't fully understand it. I am not experienced in networking. And I believe I lack some basic understanding of how it all is going to work. Please find time to guide me. Purpose: to make FS Commander installed on Toshiba laptop working with FSX on HP desktop. Both on Win 7. What I did: - bought respective FSUIPC and WideFS; - installed WideFS on desktop; installed FSC as suggested: C/WideFS and C/FSC; - placed .dll to modules' folder in FSX; - with kind assistance of guys from Microsoft Russia I
  7. Case closed. FSC proved to be the best option for me. I am extatic from the map. I am so tired from Google maps, NASA maps, road maps. So FSC map is a great relief for me.
  8. Right, right, Volker. After 2 days of trying to make my local network work - I arrangeda phone talk with Microsoft. Got ticket from MS - waiting... By the way. I added LCD TV as additional monitor for my new HP desktop. Looks like it can work with FS on one monitor and FSC on another! So I will buy FSC anyway. Right, that is what I got - to creat my network FIRST. Thanks for your prompt response.
  9. I understand that the FSC team is going through a really hard time. Still we need updated installation instructions related to Windows 7. Win 7 interface is completely different. Especially in terms of networking. I would appreciate if FSC team writes instructions. Having in mind the situation the ones in German would work for me. My condolences to Sasha Felix' close ones. Regards, Nicholai Ivanitsky Moscow Russia
  10. I am considering FC as a primary planner/moving map tool. Still, after reading and viewing screen shots I didn't get understanding what would be accessible inside FSX window? Small GPS window with information, I assume. And what about moving map while flying in FS? After a decade of working with easy-to-use FSNavigator....you know....it is hard to choose. I would appreciate an accurate and objective opnion. Thanks.
  11. Peter, 1. It is version - the latest for FS 9, I assume. 2. The symptom: when I open FS 9 - Modules - FSUIPC - it says "unregistered" and referes me to the installer. I did this operation for 3 times. 3. Yes, I did installation "as administrator". 4. The installer doesn't reject - in FS 9 - Modules - FSUIPC it says "this copy is unregistered". 5. Yes, I use the same name, e-mail address (which doesn't exist for years alread) and the reg number used to keep and additionally checked though Simmarket order history. Hope it helps. Thanks.
  12. Dear Peter, After I finally acquired a new desktop - trying to register the latest FSUIPC using the installer. Seems it is not working for me. I had bought it on 09/03/2003 on Simmarket - and the older type of registration used to work just fine. I would be greatful if you assist with this. Thanks. Nicholai Ivanitsky
  13. Thanks for the update. To buy the whole MyWorld is a big deal not only in terms of money. It is huge, and considerable space on the disk should be assigned for it and available. Keep waiting.
  14. Burkhard, may we ask you to let us know in this forum when "MyWorld Saga" is complete. MyWorld forum is specifically for those who already bought the product. I, for example, am waiting when the whole work is complete - in order to buy it al at once - in download or box version. I guess many people destined to buy your products are in the same position. Thanks.
  15. I also can't vore for some reason. Please count my voice. GF4 4600 Ti - it has 128. Yes. I checked just in case - 128 Mbt.
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