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  1. Hello Everyone, I have invested alot into Saitek products as I love FS hardware and I am still really wishing a hardware GPS will be released in the hundred to three or four hundred dollar price range (a bit steep but i would consider it i'm sure) but I don't see this in the near future. I have been studying on Pete Dawson's stuff, specifically after someone on here enlightened me to the forums and the user guide for FSUIPC4 and I may have come up with an idea. Along with FSUIPC Pete also has WideFS and GPSout two programs that allow you to run addons on other computers while pulling data from your FSX computer. My wife has a brand new netbook which is already sitting around unused and I got the idea this would be the perfect little computer to connect to my main FSX machine via GPSout and WideFS for GPS!!! My main thing is that I want to be able to look over and see a GPS screen without pulling it up and blocking my view. I am swamped trying to figure this one out as Pete Dawson's products and his forums are extremly technical and honestly I am not a computer programmer or anything of that nature. I am sorry to sound simple but I really do need this explained in laymans terms. I am now using the majority of FSUIPC winds, misc, ect. settings except for configuring buttons/controllers with the help of the User guide. If this is possible using GPSout please explain and I am not necessarily looking for flight planning software, just a GPS while I am flying without blocking my view. hoenstly I would like it to be there at all times so I can just glance over and see my speed, location, ect. :) Thanks in advance and please know I come humbly, lol, so be gentle! Tim :D
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