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  1. Hello; Sorry about that,here's the information; 1. FSX Steam Edition 2. FSUIPC4, Version 4.971 (16th August 2017) 3. I use the FSC in a network! No4. FS Commander and Database Manager 9.7.1 / 15 August 20175. Navigraph,1712 revision 1 6. Aerosoft download version 7. Operating System (Windows 7) 8. I have 1 Monitor Ok,I think that's the information you needed. Thanks; Mark Wyckoff
  2. Hello; Im having some problems with FSC 9,when ever I try to run the Database Manager,I keep getting these pop-ups,Ive enclosed an image of what Im getting,its strange,tried to reinstall,but have the same result.I don't have the Navigraph Charts 5 installed anymore,instead have the latest Navigraph Charts Desktop.I also get the same errors when starting FSC 9. Im using FSX Steam Edition,installed on Windows 7 64bit.Its the download version from Aerosoft,using version Version 4.971 of FSUIPC,im not using a network,1 monitor,Version 9.7.1,build 15 August 2017,Im using Navigraph data,the latest Airac. Thank you; Mark
  3. Hello; I installed MYTraffic again,now I have the BGL. Thanks;
  4. Hello; I was looking through the My Traffic/Scenery Folder,looking for CYYZ bgl,didn't see one,was just wondering if there was one.Using My Traffic Version 6,in Fsx. Thanks; Mark
  5. Hello; Thnaks for the reply,I tried that,several times,and still had both . Thanks; Mark
  6. Hello; Ive installed my traffic in FSX SE,but am having a problem,I still have the default traffic,as well as my traffic 6 traffic,is there something that I need to rename,to fix this. Thank you; Mark
  7. Hello; I think Ive found my problem,I have FTX Global installed,and have a bunch of the freeware airports,found some bgl files for the airport,im having problems with,I removed that freeware airport,and now just have Aerosoft's Split airport,hopefully this corrects it. Thank you; Mark
  8. Hello; Ive recently installed Split,and am having a few problems,2 air traffic towers,and aircraft parking on the taxi way,I looked through the scenery folder,for a bgl for this airport,and didn't find one,I was wondering if you had plans of making one.I have My Traffic 6 installed. Thank you; Mark
  9. Hello; I'm having a problem,I've installed My Traffic 5.4a.I've tried this a couple of times,but I never seem to be able to get any AI traffic,none at all,I have the Traffic Toolbar,and the selections on the menu bar.I verified that the PrePar3D cfg was updated.I'm using the Migrarion Tool,don't no if that would effect it. Oh yea,I have another question,when I ran the Editor,and selected the MYT file,a pop-up box showed up,with a selection of different airlines,I ve never seen that before,I'm use to FSX,so I not sure if this is right Thank you; Mark
  10. Hello; Thanks for the help,I have a question about the OTBD bgl file still in the Scenery folder,do I need to remove that,or just keep it in there. Thanks; Mark
  11. Hello; I was wondering if you were going to make a bgl for OTHH,the new Taxigate airport . Thank you; Mark
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