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  1. Hello, I have a problem which has prevented me from flying a few multi engine prop planes. This problem is only noticeable with the prop planes and not the jets. Basically, when I am sitting on the runway with the tq6 throttle levers all the way to idle, the airplane will still move forward. Upon looking at the "virtual" throttle unit on the plane in fsx, it seems to be on idle, but when i hit F1 (the key assigned to cut the throttle completely), it will lower a tiny bit, enough to make the plane stop . I have calibrated my device many many times and i still have the same problem. It is quite annoying having to hit f1 everytime i want the plane to stop. So my question is, if i purchase fsuipc, will that most likely fix my problem? and if i do, can i just calibrate the tq6 using fsuipc and leave all the other gf modules to run from the goflight software? Thanks!