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  1. Hi Again Simon, Yes with item one I am not too sure how I can check that the parking spots are correct, but they worked ok when I used WOAI before moving to UT2 and the bgl that I am now attempting to use works ok for the other guys using it, including the chap who sent it to me. All of the parking spots are free, the place is totally deserted. As for the aircraft I checked the list and they tally perfectly with my aircraft installations. The density percentage is set at 1% in the flight plans and I have set the sliders in FSX to 100% and still no joy!!!. My other problem is I cannot get AIRo
  2. Hi Simon, Thanks a lot for that. I followed your directions for the dump airports procedure and voila it worked, no problem. The problem with VHHX not showing is the fact that I cannot get the Traffic bgl to work. I was sent one from a member of the UT2 forum, (I am using UT2 traffic) which works fine on his set up. However, when I try it on mine nothing, nada. I have tried uninstalling/re-installing FlyTama's Kai Tak but no joy so I'm at a bit of a loss to understand why it isn't working. I have checked out my other traffic bgls for the MAIW military traffic and no problem, you can move for
  3. Hi All, can anyone tell me how I can add VHHX to the Super TrafficBoard. I am using UT2 for my AI traffic but have obtained a traffic bgl for KAI TAK, problem being the airport and its traffic does not show on the traffic board. Page 67 of the manual says to add airports, to use the SDK trafficToolbox and dump out the airports, but when I try this, as per the SDK instructions there is no airports_list.txt or airport_list_log inthe default place of Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder. In fact I've carried out a search of my whole system for these files and they aint anywhere!!!! The only file t
  4. Hi Simon, thanks for the reply. Yes I see what you mean. I have found that, after the sim has been running for a few hours and the traffic has really built up, the scheduled times, from recovered flights are displayed on the turn around. Lets hope the update is sooner rather than later, as the program itself is superb and a great addition. Cheers, Dave
  5. Hi, sorry if this query has been answered before but I can find no reference to it. On my traffic board, where it should give the Scheduled arrival/departure times (first two columns) I have just got a series of question marks i.e ??.?? ??.?? Anyone any idea what that's all about? Cheers Dave :?:
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