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  1. Ohkayyyy NOW we are getting somewhere. Let me tell you Pete, I am a technical writer for a living and not a genius programmer such as yourself. What you are not seeing here is that there are two sides of a globe from which each of us sits. You know how to do all this so it seems very simple and elementary to you because YOU created the program. To any new user however this is in fact UTTERLY confusing. Page 26 and 27 of your User Guide has NO definable header that saysSELECTING A PRE-CREATED USER PROFILE FOR USE WITH NEW AIRCRAFT If you want to use any profile you previously created with a new aircraft you have installed, do this: Step 1 : etc.. Step 2 : etc.. Step 3 : etc.. Nor does it say anywhere that you must specifically select this pre-created profile for every different function, (i.e; axis, buttons, keys..)Thus to get a profile to work with any new aircraft you actually have to jump through several hoops and not just one. This is what I wanted to hear. Sorry but this (to me at least) is not very clear at all. The sentence you reference for your instructions "Here’s an example of the Profile selection menu you might get with several assorted aircraft already with specific settings" --- can make you assume this means using the older style "aircraft specific" profiles that were mentioned on page 26 which were first touted as being obsolete and requiring modification in the .ini file into so as to create a new type of "user profile". In fact the remaining data on page 27 just goes on to tell you how to convert this older style data to the new style. Furthermore Pete, The header on page 27 in fact says "For users already having Aircraft Specific settings" ..... IT DOES NOT SAY "How To Use Any User Profile With A New Aircraft" ...does it ???? So, sorry my freind but these two pages are in fact VERY confusing and are very vague, general, and not very specific to accomplishing any specific tasks with user profiles. I think it would be sooo much easier if you also included a user profile dropdown menu on the main "About" tab or a new "Profiles" tab that allows you to instantly select all functions all at once if desired (axis, joy, key) While I do see how the "3-way tabs plus" method allows for more flexibility in profile choice per device type it is still quite confusing for the novice especially when not laid out in laymen's terms. Your knowledge is of course legendary Mr. Dowson but can only be shared up to the point that people can't comprehend it and therein lies the grand issue of effective communication. FYI - Since starting this thread I've had a 747 pilot beg me for a good "laymen's" tutorial because he too has struggled with programming his controllers for years with FSUIPC and simply gave up.. So..I'm not the only "dummy" out here in the pasture who needs their hand to be held. Obviously there are other smart and competent people who need help too! :D Totally uncalled for Pete .. :? Im TRYING to help you convey what your product does in a more effective manner so more people can use it. :roll: In all regards I am at your disposal for accomplishing this task. Jeff
  2. Pete, ...if you look back two posts ago I made specifc reference to the fact that I HAVE read your manual several time now. Pages 26 and 27several times. Please STOP assuming I haven't...I have.(1x,2x,3x..) Again the question ...... How do you load a pre-existing user profile with any NEW aircraft ? For instance lets say I created a "twin_multi_engine_turbine" profile. THEN I download and install a brand new Embraer 120 and load it up to fly. Who, what, when, where, and on which tab (or multiple tabs) must I then go to so as to load / assign the pre-created "twin_multi_engine_turbine" profile for the new Embraer 120? -jeff
  3. Ok,I thought creating User Profiles was so that you could create LESS of them for TYPE aircraft rather than "aircraft specific" . So hat I am saying is I would prefer to only have to make about 10-15 profiles that could fit the bill for say 150 aircraft most all of which can be broken down into the following simplified "type" categories; 1 -- Single Engine Piston ( for use with Cessna 172, 182, Piper Arrow, etc..) 2 -- Multi Engine Piston ( for use with Baron 58, Piper Seminole, etc..) 3 -- Single Engine Turbine (for use with Lancair Evolution, Epic Dynasty, etc..) 4 -- Multi Engine Turbine (for use with King Air 350, Orion P-3, Herc. C-130, etc..) 5 -- Single Engine Jet (for use with F-86 Sabre, F-20 Tigershark, etc..) 6 -- Multi Engine Jet (for use with F-14, F-18, Airbus A-320, Boeing 737, etc..) 7 -- Single Engine Helo ..etc. 8 -- Multi Engine Helo ..etc.. 9 -- Glider / lighter than air... I would think that the way you would then select a general "type" profile would be to load up which ever aircraft you want, get into the cockpit, hit ALT, open FSUIPC, and then quickly select one of these "type" profiles from a dropdown menu on the main intro tab of FSUIPC. --definitely something to think about. Instead, and correct me if I am wrong...you are saying that YES this is what you do but ONLY ONCE for each new plane you fly? Thus once you select any profile for a specific aircraft (such as even a general "type" profile) then FSUIPC remembers that profile to be used with that specifc aircraft so that you do not have to load a profile each time you fly correct ?...and if so great. But how do you select one? SO again, my point here is lets say you are flying an aircraft you have NOT selected ANY profile for yet (but had created one with another aircraft)...How then do you select a pre-created "type" style profile for use with this new aircraft... hence this brings me back to...wouldn't it be great to just have a user profile dropdown menu on the intro tab of FSUIPC ? I hope you see my point. Lastly, in regard to my site ...do you think I should change all the text body to lower case? Reason? ...I guess I like CAPS because it fits in real well with my OCD. (nice and tidy like..) :mrgreen: I guess I'll be doing alot of retyping this weekend! If anybodys opinion matters Pete, its yours! --anyway please let me know how to select a pre-existing profile with any NEW aircraft. Thanks. Regards, Jeff
  4. At current I disabled the joystick function in FS and have FSUIPC running everything. I had actually deleted all the joystick axes and button assignments in FS first before I realized I could just use the disable joystick function so even if I delete any FSUIPC axes or button assignments I will still need to re-enable the joystick and reprogram the axes thus I figured a quick unplug / replug of the yoke will just get me going alot faster without the headache. I'm already very familiar with all the FS axes and button assignments I use and I have a tidy spreadsheet for everything and switching out some buttons is easy. Brakeswhat slope do you use? ..or is this too personal ! :lol: I set both of mine to negative 5 (-5) it seems pretty nice? Being that PM and the others you mentioned are not actaully "gauge sets" but are rather programs I can now understand much better why this stuff is run on multiple PC's. However I would hope a reasonable pro sim can still be built using my method too! I would think that a hefty 975 i7 on water cooling with the new EVGA 4x board could hold up their software, the sim, and some external views (or perhaps with FS9 at least) - Also, if you haven't seen in in action yet the GARMIN licensed GNS-430/530 by Reality XP is quite a piece of grand wizardry that I can drop into any plane I like. It really great becuase we have some of these in our flight club and its nice to be able to learn on it at home. While I understand these big boys at PM and Flight Deck like the big hardware for the big tin I must say I think they are dropping the ball on the GA market which I can only assume has alot more pilots (and a lot more home sim pilots) than the commercial arena alone. No big deal though..maybe I'll just learn XML programming next and make my own! I have another question for you which includes that last page of my grand FSUIPC quick start tutorial and that is about creating User profiles. I understand how to create one as pages 26 and 27 of your user manual sufficiently explain how to set one up but again, as is one reason why I opened this thread, is that there is nothing on those two pages that actually says HOW to access / load one of the profiles once one (or several) have been created. The user prfiles option was also one of the main reasons I wanted to buy FSUIPC so please let me know. AND Sorry in advanced if I've missed it but I've read those two pages twice..(as well all of the user manual) and can't find specifc directions on user profile loading from the aircraft cockpit. please advise, over! PS.---Did you see my site yet! I may not be a big dog on the market but Im certainly hoping to bite an ankle or too! :mrgreen: Jeff
  5. I will be emailing you two .PDF's tonight .. One for FSUIPC, and one for FS-Inn. Please let me know what you think and if I should add or subtract anything to yours. I hope you will find them worthy of posting! I really want to check out some of the Project Majenta stuff. Im curious as to how it all works. My fear is that all their stuff is third party hosted and because of that I could not place their gauges over MY custom bitmap backdrops they way I normally do in FS. I'm guessing you do not drop their gauges in your gauges folder like you normally would with other gauge-set retailers (like with gauge cabs or any xml stuff.) Anyway, If you see my set-up on my website I have a rather unique thing going with my center instrument monitor. Im certainly going to try out their demos though as I never have yet! Also--If I want to delete the FSUIPC assignments for the yoke and restore yoke function to FS do I just have to delelte the yoke section out of the FSUIPC .ini file? I then assume the "hot fix" for the yoke would then just be to unplug it and replug it in with the sim up and running right? (and then readjust my button assignments from within FS controls\assignments or FSUIPC.) Thanks, -Jeff / www.simsamurai.net
  6. I have a question about Project Majenta for you. I heve kept my eye on their site for many years now and am excited to see how they have branched out with more "virtual" like displays similar to FS. My question I guess is that I know they sell this stuff for "pro sims" and know it will work with FS9 / FSX but do the gauges essentially work like the other gauges in FS? Meaning can they be moved and resized in somthing like panel studio and dropped on bitmaps in the same manner as a typical panel config file ? I would reeeeaaallllly like to try out some of their stuff too but I also know its expensive. Any company that says "call for a quote" turns ALOT of people away. If they made FSPS friendly gauge packs and sold them for what Reality XP does Im SURE they would sell ALOT. I would love to be able to buy the PFDs, EFIS, FMS, autopilot, and say a throttle /overhead combo for any jet for under $100. Instead I just routiney butcher all this together from alot of different aircraft. If you look at my website I am a panel making junkie. I love flying a lot of different aircraft with custom panels I create and I think I do a very good job of getting the "real feel" right. I just wish I had even more realistic gauges.(thats why the Mindstar interests me too) I already have the entire Reality XP suite, the SimFlyer suite and every free high resolution gravy gauge I could find from the top download sites. I've even made my own gauge palette GUI in FSPS for storing gauges catagorically for ease of use like a "pick and pull" auto yard. I can whip out 5 1680x1050 screens in a day now. (not counting complete bitmap design..but that too Im good at..it all depends if I want to add alot of shading and rivits!) anyway, I've basically streamlined a great system for panel building. I really think virtual gauges is where its at...and where it needs to stay. Its so much more affordable than buidling real hardware, less time consuming, and provides instant gratification with ease of set-up. (for the "home user" anyway)For $500 in software you can build what would take $5,000 in hardware and years of building..wiring, etc.. VRinsight is on to something now with their own panel overlays too..cool stuff. If you look at the latest real cockpits everything is moving to 3 large lcd's for the panel (check out the new Pilatus or Falcon jet!) so why should my home PC be any different, Im just staying with the times! ...it's certainly easier to build. ..(so...why don't you email PM for me and tell them to rethink their sales strategy...they are really missing out Pete!...and I'd be happy to promote!) - jeff
  7. Wow, thats quite the insane set up! I don't think I would ever want to have to set up so many PCs for so many different tasks! Thats alot of software loading! I would think you could do all that with just 2 to 4 pc's espcially if they were all i7's. How is FSX working out for you in the frame rate department? I just haven't heard the best results with FSX even with the new i7 chips at high overclocks..even on just single montior PC's Alot of people say that even with the i7 they can barely get over 30-40 fps with high display settings. It sounds like you can push yours pretty far though with the 975 and water cooling. My friend has an i7 920 chip with the EVGA 3x board overclocked to ~ 4.0ghz. He has two large LCD monitors set at 1680x1050 powerd by a single EVGA 285 2gb ram video card. He is running FS9 at all high settings and can hit around 250 fps. Thats what Im looking for too as I lose about 20fps for each window I undock to other monitors. You'll see what I mean on my website as I run 5 displays with just one PC. All my instrument panels are full sized virtual ones that I made myself in FSPanel studio. I love doing it like that... I consider it an art form! I just use hardware controllers for the basic functions I guess. I really want to buy a tactile FMS and autopilot though. While it is perhaps a home hobbiest cockpit it sure does fly nice! In regards to FSInn I did a test flight tonight in VATSIM from LOWI-LFLJ (Courcheval) in the default King Air 350. The PTT switched mapped to the front left button on my CH yoke via the FS-Inn set-up utility works fine as I was talking with a buddy on unicom with no problem. (All the rest on the yoke is still FSUIPC controlled) I also did several mike checks with ATC in the states earlier tonight. I easily mapped the squawk ident function to the left control key of my keyboard. There is a "Settings" tab in the CoPilot drop down that allows you to assign any function to either your joystick or keyboard. It does have all the squawk modes available too for mapping such as standby and mode C. in fact I think you can map most everything with it. Lastly, when you log into VATSIM via FSinn you are always in the standby mode until you enable Mode C yourself. So yes...you can map all transponder functions to a keyboard or joystick buttons if you want and can enable them just like you would in reality. As far as its chat features, the FSInn main Control Panel that is about 2" wide x 3" tall has a chat button that opens a chat window. I have to say that while FSInn (or Copilot rather) has alot it, it is quite easy to use once you get the basic things pre-set. You can (.msg) anyone and once you do it creates a tab for that person within the chat window..ATC controllers included. Thus you can have many chats going on with different people all at once if you want or need. Im rewriting a specific tutorial for FSInn set-up now which is completely different from the FSUIPC one I am finishing out. The only FSInn set-up guide I found on VATSIM was sorely lacking in many, many respects so l just like John Cooks set-up effort for FSUIPC I went over the FSInn set-up tutorial with a finer tooth comb. I think I must just write fast! Once both are complete this week I will send you a copy of each. In regards to FSUIPC I think I am wanting to re-enable my joystick function in FS and just use the default FS mappings for the yoke particularly because of the POV swicth functions. (its just too different from what Im used too and seems too choppy) If I do this though can I still use the FSUIPC for all the throttle and pedal mappings just so long as I delete their joystick assignments in FS? I hope so because I definitely love how FSUIPC has made my throttle quadrant come to life! Jeff
  8. P.S. as far as running FSInn on a networked PC rather than then main one I have no idea. Im sure you can. As far as the windows go the main FSInn "control panel" is quite small and can be closed without you disconnecting from VATSIM. I have a complete FSInn tutorial in my book that tells you how to set it all up. I typically keep just the small control panel and ATC window open and drag them over to a small LCD right above my throttle quadrant. Again they can be closed if needed so there is no interference. You'll see in my videos. All my displays are also run by one PC. Eventually I will have one PC for the 4 instrument panel LCD's (the one I have just built) and will then network just one more PC with WidevieW to run the 5 exterior views (1 projector, 4 side views) All with FS9, high settings, and +40 FPS.
  9. Well I hope this is good news for you.... I have previously mapped FSInn's PTT key to the front left button of my yoke and it worked perfectly. However I have not checked it yet with this build nor since having FSUIPC manage my joystick assignments. Im hoping FSInn will still have control of the PTT as I did not assign it to anything else in FSUIPC and had deleted the original assignment in FS (and has also disabled the FS joystick function..so we'll see...Im keeping my fingers crossed) I will definitely let you know. I also found out how to map FSInns IDENT function to a keyboard key and mapped it to my left control key tonight. Im also hoping (and assuming) that if FSUIPC can then map any assigned key function to a joystick switch then perhaps the problem is solved. At worst the ident and or PTT is still assigned to a keyboard key and is thus not mouse dependant. If all this gells out and works with FSUIPC and is something even you, oh wise one, were not aware of I will feel quite happy if I in fact have taught YOU something! if it all works I will add all this info into the set-up tutorial I will send you. The truth is I have written a 250 page book about advanced flight simulation and getting FSUIPC was a last step into an area yet explored for me. I also installed Windows 7 as I wanted to be one of the first folks to report on functionality with all this stuff in the new O.S. --- so far so good! I am printing off another round of books this week and would be happy to send you a complimentary copy. Maybe after some reading/review you can also offer up any suggestions on how to make it better. AVSIM is going to be reviewing it this coming month and their review editor Robert Whitwell is going to build the sim staion shell I sell. (I sell blueprints and complete kits.) I dont know what you use as far as an enclosure but it sounds like you've also got quite the home cockpit on your hands. I too use a DLP projector for my main view and use 4 LCD's for instruments. The station shell I have can also accomdate all exterior views via LCDs. Anyway... please come check out me out at www.simsamurai.net ! -- Jeff
  10. I am using FS9 exclusively. (for many reasons Im sure you know much better than I do!) This is also becuase I run 5 monitor outputs (4 for instruments on LCDs and one to an overhead projector for may main view) all on one rubust PC. I don't see FSX being able to handle that and consistently give me +30 FPS in bad weather..in bad terrain...at sunset. FS9 however does it quite nicely. I have A LOT of virtual gauge activity going on as i build all my own custom panels. I also use alot of payware..mostly the whole suite from Reality XP and SimFlyer, Flight 1 Avidyne and soon the Mindstar G1000. --In regards to the last..do you know if the issues between their program and yours ever got resolved? I want to buy it but only if I can assume it will work ok with still using FSUIPC for my control assignments. Secondly, Thanks for the heads up on the GFDev.dll driver. So for FS9 are you saying just drop this one file in the Windows folder alone...not dropped into any specific sub folder? I will start investigating an FSInn keyboard shortcut for the IDENT. I don't know if you are aware of it but there was a final beta revision of FSInn that works on x64 systems and FSX. I sucessfully used FSInn with FSX on My XP x64 system last year. I think I had found the link to it in some other forum and for some reason at the time it was not availaible on the MCDU.com page which for now seems D-O-A. I used Squawkbox for years but once I switched over to FSInn I never looked back, I really love it and is feature rich with the FS-Copilot add on. They have an ident feature which is attached to their "MODE C' activation on their main Control Panel interface. When active on Mode C you have a little green square and then you click it again for Orange which blinks IDENT for a few seconds. Works fine with the mouse...but I'd really like to assign it to a momentary! ....looks like we have a new challenge! --If you are interested in the FSinn version that works with x32/x64 and FSX let me know. I could put it up on RapidShare or mail it to you on a disc.
  11. The last two items im trying to find now are assigning the NAV/GPS toggle switch to either my CH yoke or to a button on the GoFlight RP48 (4 rotary / 8 pushbutton module) Unfortunately it doesn't seem that the GoFlight assignment utility has this in their assignment list. (and I am using their latest rev of course) I saw that you too made a utility for GoFlight... you sure do get around Pete! A freind and I were having a chuckle last night saying that the illuminati society probably keeps you well hidden in a bunker somewhere from which you control the entire world via your programs and .DLL files! (If you said yes, I would believe it) Anyway the two last assignments I'm hoping to make are a momentary toggle for NAV/GPS switching and an IDENT button for the transponder. I use VATSIM alot with FSInn and IDENT in particular is impossible to accomplish without a mouse click on the FSInn Control Manager interface. I have set up my transponder tuning function on one of my two GoFlight GF166A's but again could not find any IDENT toggle within their assignment list. Ideally I would like both the NAV/GPS toggle and the IDENT toggle on the RP48. If your FSUIPC GoFlight utility for CAN do this then CAN I just use it for the RP48 alone?
  12. Ok, I got the ailerons worked out. I also assigned my spoilers to the first lever of the CH yoke and reversed them so that they engage when pulled towards you. (this was how I set it up in FS) ..the other two are flaps (reversed) and trim. With using the CH throttle it is a good set up. After having calibrated things with FSUIPC the thrust reversers work GREAT too..love it!...and frees up two other momentaries. Thanks for the views call ( S & W) ,..thats what I was looking for. I though the assignment in FS9 is "cycle views" (for S). The only last issue I am having is with the 8 way hat switch... I programmed it exactly as J Cooks tutorial but it does not really work like the default FS style does. I do however like the "snap to center" feature of the most forward position BUT the panning motion is much jerkier than the default FS panning. (its not my PC, ..new quad 9550..and 4gigs 2000mhz ram) -- I know there is a way to speed this pan rate up in the FS master config but I forgot how. If you know of the weak off hand please let me know otherwise Im sure I can find that tweak eslewhere. Thanks for all the advice. I will send you a copy of my configuration checklist this weekend once I've finsihed off all my assignments and calibrations so you can tell me if it holds altitude. I wouldn't want to post anything that might have a few things out of place. Jeff
  13. I'd be happy to post my work as I just had to re-use it myself after taking a nose dive in the 172. :) Because I havent been able to reassign the cycle views keys yet I couldn't see my control sufaces. I've seemed to map everything else fine but the ailerons. I've tried it again twice now with no luck. I got the pitch fine though with the same method so what am I missing with the roll ?. Does it matter which side you turn the yoke to then set MAX or MIN ? (left or right first?) ..same with pitch elevator...does it really matter i.e; should you press full forward for setting the MAX and pull aft for setting MIN? I don't think your manual or the Cook manual says anything about that. I can't remember what I did but again my elevator works fine, Im just without roll or rather I just rolled over! As soon as this is ironed out I will snap my checklist into a .PDF or if Pete is ok with it (after his more formal review) I could post it into a new thread. I really think its a big help anyway especially for noobs like myself. It definitely gets you going fast. So Pete, ...cycle views assignments and roll axes assignment / calibration..what'd I miss? MY CHECKLIST EXCERPT; CONFIGURING THE CH YOKE AXES VIA FSUIPC UTILITY : #60 -- TO START CONFIGURING THE CH YOKE RETURN TO THE "AXIS ASSIGNMENT" TAB. #61 -- JUST LIKE AS YOU DID IN STEP #28 PRESS RESCAN WHILE YOU PUSH AND PULL YOUR YOKE FULLY FORWARD AND AFT. (ELEVATOR PITCH MOVEMENT) #62 -- NOW SELECT THE "SEND DIRECT TO FSUIPC CALIBRATION" UNDER THE 'TYPE OF ACTION REQUIRED', CHECK THE FIRST BOX, AND SPECIFY "ELEVATOR" IN THE DROPDOWN. #63 -- NOW TURN (ROLL) THE YOKE FULLY SIDE TO SIDE, AND PRESS RESCAN. (WINGS AIELRONS ROLL MOVEMENT) #64 -- NOW SELECT THE "SEND DIRECT TO FSUIPC CALIBRATION" UNDER THE 'TYPE OF ACTION REQUIRED, CHECK THE FIRST BOX, AND SPECIFY "AILERON" IN THE DROPDOWN. #65 -- NOW THAT THE PITCH AND ROLL AXES ARE ASSIGNED CLICK ON THE JOYSTICK CALIBRATION TAB AND SELECT PAGE "1 of 11 : Main Flight Controls". #66 -- HIT THE AILERONS SET BUTTON. THEN ROLL THE YOKE FULLY LEFT, PRESS 'SET' UNDER MINIMUM, ROLL THE YOKE FULLY RIGHT AND PRESS 'SET' UNDER MAX COLUMN. #67 -- NOW CENTER THE YOKE. ROLL IT LEFT ABOUT 1 CM AND PRESS 'SET' UNDER THE CENTRE COLUMN, THEN ROLL THE YOKE RIGHT 1 CM AND PRESS 'SET' AGAIN. #68 -- NOW PRESS THE ELEVATOR SET BUTTON. THEN PUSH THE YOKE FULLY FORWARD, PRESS 'SET' UNDER MINIMUM, THEN PULL THE YOKE FULLY AFT AND PRESS 'SET' UNDER MAX COLUMN. #69 -- NOW CENTER THE YOKE. PUSH IT FORWARD ABOUT 1 CM AND PRESS 'SET' UNDER THE CENTRE COLUMN, THEN PULL THE YOKE REARWARD APPROXIMATELY 1 CM AND PRESS 'SET' AGAIN. NOTE : IN BOTH CASES OF CENTERING THE ROLL AND PITCH THE 1CM SQUARE YOU ARE EFFECTIVELY CREATING IS A DEAD ZONE FOR THE CENTER POSITION. THIS IS BECAUSE THE CH YOKE WHILE EFFECTIVE DOES NOT HAVE THE BEST INTERNAL COMPONENTS OR SPRING TENSION TO RETURN THE YOKE TO THE EXACT CENTER EACH TIME. THEREFORE THIS LARGER AREA CREATED BECOMES A CENTRAL DEAD ZONE WHERE BOTH THE AILERONS AND ELEVATOR WILL REMAIN NEUTRAL. THUS HAVING A SMALL DEAD ZONE WILL HELP YOUR AIRCRAFT TO FLY STRAIGHTER. NOTE : You are done with the yoke axis assignments and calibration. We will assign the 12 momentary toggle switches, the 8-way hat switch, and the 3 other axes later. ...did I miss any steps in here?
  14. Ok..Pete! Perhaps I opened my big mouth too soon...admittedly it is my fatal flaw - However I realllly think you could save alot of keystrokes with frustrated blokes like me if you'd post the massive bullet point checklist I just finished writing. I had found the old John Cook .PDF which helped IMMENSLY with controller assignments becauase he goes down the list pretty much A-Z for controller assignments using the CH Products hardware and FSUIPC as a stand alone for assignments which is exactly what I was wanting. I am totally sorry if I offended you or ruffled your feathers mate but becauase of what you do and the level of expertice you are on I just could not easily grasp what was going on until it was spelled out for me step by step in a simpler manner which I feel is what the John Cook manual provides...but even then he actually skips over some steps here and there leaves some guesswork. SO...once into that PDF I actually retyped his 11 page tutorial into a more concise simplified 75 point line item checklist and then assigned most everything amongst all 3 controllers within an hour. Save for a few button assignments I am quite saitsfied. I be happy to post my checklist or send it to you for review. However, I could not find the commands for the "Cycle views forward" and "cycle views backward" as these were tytpcially assigned to the two left red buttons on the CH yoke. I'd like to assign them there via FSUIPC as I have disabled my FS joystick function. So please give me a directional steer if you can as I'd like to keep the cycle views function..even if I could only assign it to one direction that is fine. Lastly I did disable my joysticks, am only using FSUIPC for the CH Yoke, Pedals, and Throttle, and did not need any use for the CHCM. (So Im still wondering why other people said that was the only way to get the detents to work..) As far as the .ini file, yes, I was calling it code..(as I assume in some essence that is what it is) I have a question for that as well. Can I crack open that file or another one to text edit any values such as for example hand tweaking the numercial values of the detent spacinging so as to make them all uniform across all 6 throttle levers? FOR INSTANCE IF A THROTTLE LEVER SETTING EQUALS = POSITION A = 16383(max thrust), B = -13440(idle top), C = -12440(idle low), D = -16383(max reverse) IS THERE AN INI FILE WHERE YOU COULD EDIT THESE TO 16383, 13450, 12400, -16383 ...so as to widen the detent values a little and make them all match? (or am I getting too picky now?) Thanks for all the help. - Jeff.
  15. I just read through the recent lengthy post of assigining thrust reverse /feathering/mix cut. ...but see that it all applies to FSX. Will the same tutorial work for FS9? With my last PC build I properly set the detent vaules in CHCM (so that much I know how to do) and in the past was just using two of the center momenataries (# 6 and #8) to engage reverse thrust. The throttle detents just became throttle idle in that case but the feathering still worked and the mix cut still worked in detent all without the registered FSUIPC. I had figured that purchasing FSUIPC would take the CHCM out of the equation entirely...is this not the case ??? So it appears I need to set the detents in CHCM again..correct? Has anyone out of the 144 pages of threads published a single code file to share these axes and detent assignments for FSUIPC? ...and if not...why not? I too do not really want to spend a year figuring all this out as many people have said in these threads. I would think that once someone found the optimal solution for the 6 axes and 6 detent assignments they would share it (as the thread I mentioed above actually does for FSX...but then the thread STILL goes on with three more pages of "if and or buts") --- which only makes one again..second guess everything. I say this from a "consumer" mind set. if these "most common" assignments could just become a simple download file on something like RapidShare with instructions on how to cut and paste the code assignments into the code file it could really help alot of people move on. Instead it seems this longstanding issue is still something that has to be endlessly researched in the manuals or forum just as I have been doing for a few days now to no avail. Knowing that this has been such a huge issue for so many people with using the CH throttles I am quite suprised to see a continued lack of "concrete" resolutions. I understand that the momentaries are of course assigned to each persons taste but I would think the 6 axis assignments and detents would be routine and commonplace knowledge across the board and therefore I am suprised there isn't some immediate download file for it. (or is there already and I missed it somehow?) Forgive me for perhaps being a whiner who wants it all "now" ...without all the legwork but yes....that would be great!
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