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  1. I have just migrated from Win 7 to Win 10. Previously when I used FSX Gold with EZDock (which I downloaded 2-3 weeks ago, version 2. ?) all was OK but when I start FSX now I see a message "Simconnect does not answer more than 50 seconds.....Continue or Canel." If I use Continue FSX seems to crash i.e. if I can make it run but, after a few secons I see a black screen. If I use Cancel it runs for a bit longer then crashes. I have seen this post which refers to v 1.18.6, but since I am using v 2.x is there a fix needed to make EZDock work with Win10? I typed "Simconnect does not answer.." into Google and found this page. I have checked my drivers both on the MS and AMD websites which say my drivers are up to date so I am not sure what to do next. How can I make work FSX with the latest version of EZD? Thank you
  2. Dear Herr Heine, I am using the Fly Tampa Hong Kong Scenery add-on for FSX. I have networked 2 PC's boy=th using Win 7. I had this problem once before and following your instructions I have copied the file AFX_VHHX_NonSDK.bgl into FSX\Add On Scenery\Scenery so it is now FSX\Add On Scenery\Scenery\AFX_VHHX_NonSDK.bgl . In the folder FSX\Add On Scenery\Fly Tampa HK\Scenery I have AFX_VHHX_Approach.bgl and also ZZAFX_VHHX_NonSDK.bgl I have FSC v9.4HF1 running on my i5 PC. It is connected to my i7 PC by FSUIPC v4.929. FSC is installed in C\FSC9 FSX is installed in F\FSX on my i7 PC. When I run FSCDbManager I see Z:[i7\\fsx] in the left window and the same in the right window. Both lower windows show z:\ followed by all the FSX folders. There is a message "You have correctly..." But when I run Update... I see a warning message "..Instead you need to ...DRIVE . " I thought that I had done that when the z:drive appeared in the right window. I have checked my i7 PC; the FSX is shared. Can you please tell me where I am going wrong? The plane moves across the map as required but the ILS feathers do not show, how can i make them appear, please? Thank you, Tregarth
  3. Ah, now I see. Alles ist in Ordnung! (Again) Danke schoen, Clive
  4. Dear Volker, I have downloaded the Aerosoft update (v9.4.0.0) from their site. I then tried to install it onto my FSC computer's C drive and was asked to remove earlier versions of FSC (v9.2) which I have done. I then installed v9.4.0 on the C drive C\FSC9) , ran the DB manager with FSX running and saw the same windows shown above i.e. no progress. I have checked FSX and the FSCFSXCFG.exe file is in the FSX computer's F:\FSX folder . Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? I seem to be chasing my tail. Thank you, Tregarth
  5. Dear Herr Heine, Can you please tell me why I see this message when I try to save a flight plan? My two PC's are networked and talk to each other (I can fly on one and watch the map move on the other.) But when I create a flight plan from EGMH to EGGP and try to save it I see the message shown above. I have checked EGGP and it definitely has runways. Thinking the DataBase manager is out of date I have gone into Win Explorer and started it . When I click on Update Airports.. I see which does not look right. According to ..fscdbm1 I have the right path, I have tried using other paths but according to the message in the window these are all wrong. I have tried to change the Path in the Select Scenery Path (right) window but it is not active. I am running Windows 7 HP on both PC's, can you please tell me where I am going wrong? Thank you, Tregarth
  6. In fact it can be printed with Symbols but it is not very elegant. I used "ScreenGrab", a free utility program, (Print Screen would also be OK but needs extra work) to capture the screen view, edited the captured image in Paint and then printed it. Thanks for a useful, enjoyable program, Tregarth
  7. Thank you for your help. I have written an "Aide-memoire" for myself; this may be of help to others. I hope it proves useful, Tregarth FSC Flight Plan Paths 1.doc
  8. Thanks for telling me, much appreciated. Best regards, Tregarth
  9. I appreciate your patience; I have made copies of both the Save Screen and the Path Screen. many thanks, Tegarth
  10. Dear Volker, I have 2 PC's which are networked together. Using FSC I create flights on my FSC PC and load them into FSX on my main PC. When I create a fight on my FSC PC I have both the FSC and FSX boxes ticked and the path is set to write the file in my FSX PC (C\Users\FSX PC\My Docs\FSX Files). [The path on my FSC PC is y:\[\\FSX-PC\Documents] I click on Save As in the FSC PC and the file is saved in both the FSC PC and FSX PC. If I load the file using Flight Planner in FSX the file is in the saved files list and appears in the FSC GPS when loaded. So the PC's are talking to each other properly. BUT, if I go to the FSC PC, Flight Plan/Open and select a plan from the list of Saved Plans, click Load I see a message "Sorry, This is not a valid FSC flight Plan." I do not understand why not. I appreciate your help, Thank you, Best wishes for a Happy New Year, Tregarth
  11. Dear Volker, Thank you for your reply. That is exactly what I have been doing. I have ticked both General Flight Info and Waypoint list in the Print Options window. The columns headed Code, Name, Freq, Course, Distance all pint perfectly but the column headed Sym which has all the coloured icons does not print. How can I make the symbols print? Happy Christmas, Tregarth
  12. Dear Herr Heine, I have created a flight plan, saved it and now want to print it. On the PC screen I see a plan with the way point symbols shown in colour on the far left side of the plan (column is headed SYM), but when I actually print the plan this column is missing. Is there any way to print the complete table? Thank you, Happy Christmas, Tregarth
  13. Dear Volker, Thank you very much for your help. I now understand and have saved a flight plan. If I may, can I suggest the following is more clear? As above Line 1 must show Name FSCommander and Folder C: \ FSC9 \ Flightplan \ FSC Then: To do this 1. Highlight Line 1 in Left window - FS Commander turns red. In the Right window select the C drive (or whichever drive contains FSC on the FSC computer) from the drop-down list. In my case I opened the C drive which shows the FSC directory. 2. Then, simply open the relevant folders to establish the path C:\....\FSC As each folder is opened the path builds in the Left window. I hope this will help someone else. Your kindness in replying so late is appreciated. Thank you, Tregarth
  14. Dear Volker, I appreciate your help but I am afraid I do not understand your reply. At present my NetBook has the following address for the FSX programme FSX(\\clive-pc) (Z:) and my Documents are in (\\clive-pc) (Y:) I have created a flight, gone to Save As / Paths, highlighted FSX Flight Plans (Please see attachment) and saved the file. It appears in the list of saved flights but the same error message appears. I cannot understand where I am going wrong. I have printed p134 of your manual, are you saying I should have FSX in the Y drive and Documents in the Z drive? If so, I guess this is simply a matter of deleting the current drives and re-mapping them with different letters? Thank you for your time, Tregarth
  15. Dear Herr Heine, I appreciate your prompt response. Thank you. I have created a simple flight plan and taken 2 Screen Grabs. The first is of the SAve Window and the second is of the Paths window. I am using FSC v9.2 if that helps you. Please see the attachments. Thank you, Tregarth
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