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  1. Hello, I'm using the PMDG 737 (as well as other planes) and found that that key mapping of the plane itself is able to see that I'm assigning a numeric keypad key, but when I try to assign that numeric key to a button via FSUIPC I get "NumL" for any key I press. I'm I doing something wrong or FSUIPC doesn't support key pads at this time? Thanks
  2. Yes, I have IPv6 also enabled on the STB-DS PC. Interesting thing I noticed was that while looking at what port(s) and IP address(es) the STB app was trying to use to get to the STB-DS; that it showed the IPv6 address being used as well as the IPv4 address (for the initial load it used IPv4 for a large data pull). So it appears that is not using 100% the IPv6 protocol, which I believe is due to the "STB Data Server (Remote FSX)" section in the STB Settings. Under the "FSX Computer Name" it allows me to put in the IPv4 IP or NETBIOS name of my FSX (STB-DS) PC, but if I try to put in the IPv6 address then it fails to recognize the format.
  3. Simon, They're running on separate PCs. On another note...Got it to work. I was configuring Simconnect to use the Link-Local IPv6 Address (Ex. fe81::a821:58c:3912:53cc) which was fine to use as far as other add-on(s) is concern such as Active Sky, but with STB it has problems reading the Link-Local format which uses double colons "::". Once I changed it to the IPv6 Address (Ex. 2001:c0a8:3:f472:a821:58d:3812:23cc) on FSX SimConnect.xml and on the SimConnect.cfg then I was able to run through the first time wizard without an issue and communicate to FSX. Thanks
  4. Good Evening, I'm currently using IPv6 with Simmconnect, but found that it appears that STB might not be capable of communicating via IPv6 to the STB Server. Is it supported? Thanks Kelvyn
  5. Thanks Volker... unfortunately after reinstalling FSC failed to set my shortcut to run as "Administrator". I'm good to go on that part now. Interesting that I was able to save aircraft cruise speeds but not weights without running it as "Administrator". Thanks again.
  6. Hello, Issue is found by opening the "Aircraft Window" to edit a given aircraft's data. I've found that pressing "OK" after updating the aircraft current "Load" does not saves. I'm able to update/save the aircraft's cruise speed, but not the weight information. Any hints would be appreciated, unless this is a bug!!! Thanks
  7. Simon, Indeed... I've been able to validate that as long as the check for "Autostart with FSX" is not selected then I no longer experience the SimConnect issues.
  8. Simon, Active Sky Evolution will be the main core application that fails to connect. I developed another SimConnect based app and it also fails to connect until I stop STB-DS and start FSX so it can start a "fresh" STB-DS process. I've also used the SimConnect Sample apps placed on the SDK and they failed to connect too. In response to the second comment... I tried closing FSX and reopening it without closing STB-DB and it unfortunately still exhibits the same behavior during my troubleshooting phase. :) So in summary, if you have ASE and/or FSX SDK Samples then you'll have plenty of apps to give it a shot. Hope you can reproduce it. The key to this is to Open FSX for the first time which starts the STB-DS and then do some flying or just close it and then next time you start FSX, then you'll hopefully see that ASE and/or any other SimConnect Sample app will fail to connect, even though it might say "Connected" it fails to receive/send data. By the way... I'm using STB-DS v3.1.1.0. Let me know if there's any other info I can provide. Thanks Kelvyn
  9. Hello, Is there a way to set or implement an Auto Shutdown or Auto Close for the Data Server? Anytime I exit the simulation the STB DS still running and if I'm to re-launch the simulator once more then third party apps that use SimConnect won't connect. So I have to close the simulation, and close STB DS and then launch again the simulation so STB DS can be started automatically (fresh) and then third party add-ons (network setup) would then work. Hopefully you guys can implement a feature which allows STB DS to close automatically after the simulation ends. Thanks
  10. Rolf, Not sure what you mean by "can not get back to the previous version...". I would say, why not close GE and reopen it through FSCommander to restore any previous views!!!.
  11. Andrea, Well, I guess you can try to copy the Scenery.cfg file and rename to Scenery.cfg.fsc and placed it at the root of the FSX folder just like the Scenery.cfg.
  12. Shaun, It won't hurt... just make a copy of the current FSC 9 executable prior to replacing it with the updated one on the website. If all fails you can then always switch back to original.
  13. I agree with mopperle... hope you can post more information about your setup.
  14. Swen, Not that I'm aware of... but hope Volker & Sascha can answer that for you.
  15. Dave, Are you running FSC9 on the same computer as FSX or on a network setup? If you're running FSC9 on a network setup then you need to use "WideFS" and get it started first before starting FSC9.
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