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  1. Thanks very much John, for your fast reply and explanation. I will try it with the mods from Working Title, maybe the results are more satisfying then. 😄😄😄
  2. FSUIPC7, v7.0.0.5, FSUIPCClient.dll v3.1.27, MSFS According to the document 'FSUIPC Offset Status' there are offsets for pitch (PIT) and roll (ROL) mode: 0x07D8 (4) Autopilot attitude hold (PIT) 0x07C0 (4) Autopilot wing leveller (ROL) When switching the Autopilot in MSFS to 'ON' both offset values remain '0', although the G1000 in the active aircraft (Cirrus SR22) indicates ROL and PIT. There is no 'mod' active for the G1000 or this aircraft. Are there other offsets for this kind of information, or is this a known issue? Thanks! Regards, Ur
  3. Thanks Pete, for your reply. Your answer unfortunately confirmed my findings.
  4. Hello, and Happy NY ! I have read and searched through many pages back in this forum but I couldn't find an answer whether multiplayer traffic data can be read or not in general via FSUIPC and/or SimConnect. I did a lot of testing with all combinations of Multiplayer settings in MSFS but with none of these combinations I could ever read other Multiplayer aircraft data from FSUIPC. As a reference I'm also using Pete's "TrafficLook.exe" which unfortunately does also not list any of the Multiplayer aircraft. Real world traffic and AI-Traffic is readable without any troubles. Is Multipla
  5. Hi Paul, thank you for your reply and your helpful tips. Today I did some further tests, considering your thoughts. Unfortunately I have not yet figured out the pattern to reproduce it every time, but every now and then it still happens that some values are not set with a meaningful value. I have created a video (duration some 5 minutes) which shows situations when it works OK, and also when it doesn't. I have also created a small test program, which is used in this video, and I would like to send the source code (C#) to you, so you can reproduce it on your system. Can you send
  6. FSUIPCClient.dll 3.0.6156.10 I'm struggling with the function 'UpdateExtendedPlaneIndentifiers()'. From the description (which is still version 2.0) I know that this might be a time consuming function, therefore it runs in a background thread to not block the UI-thread. The reference to the AITrafficServices is provided via the ParameterizedThreadStart. The troubles that I'm faced with are that every now and then the extended identifier values are returned quite messy (e.g. for 'Type' I'm getting the tail number, or for the 'Model' I'm getting 'n/a'). The 'normal' values which are
  7. Pete, Thank you very much for clarifying. have a nice day, Urs
  8. Thanks Pete, for the quick answer just to clarify: is this a functionality which can be triggered programatically using the FSUIPC interface? rgds, Urs
  9. Hi, I would like to develop a tiny add-on for my FS9 simulator. This add-on should be able to deal with the FS9 internal 'ATC on-screen-menu' by using the FSUIPC interface. The add-on should be able to: - show/hide the menu - read/interpret the content (items) of the current indicated menu - simulate a keyboard input to interact with this menu In the current SDK documentation I couldn't find some information about this ATC menu, therefore I kindly ask you whether you can tell me if it's possible or not. Thanks in advance for your answer. best regards, Urs
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