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  1. actually in my case it will make it more realistic as the ailerons deflection would perfectly match the yoke movement as in real life (at least up until 45 degrees). very seldom, it is a price I am for sure willing to pay. I prefer 95% time realistic yoke behavior that those 5% of the time I might need more than 45 degrees, i can't imagine I would ever need to be honest I am not quiet sure what you mean, but what I want is to limit the the airplane yoke to no more than 45 degrees (which of course effects the ailerons), in other words, how do i cause FSUIPC that when I am at the maximum 45 degrees on my yoke it would not detect it as being 90 degrees (full axis), but only transmit 45 degrees. this might do the trick, I'll get back to you on that one, thanks... what type of yoke do you own? you have one that is limited to 45 degrees turn or it has the full 90 degrees turn?
  2. that is is fine... I don't want/need full aileron deflection potential range (i can't remember ever needing more than 45 yoke degrees in flight). I want to limit the aileron deflection to equivalent maximum of 45 degrees cockpit yoke turn. can I do that? can you point me to a LUA script that does such as you mentioned above?
  3. I have a feeling you did not understand the issue I described and it has nothing to do with the plane's turn itself. let me try and elaborate, break it down further. let me try and elaborate, break it down further. in general as much as the yoke moves in the cockpit to the left/right, the right/left ailerons keep moving up/down until reaching the maximum they can deflect, until the yoke is 90 degrees in cockpit. in return that controls the turn and turn sensitivity/angle, etc... when the yoke in the cockpit is at 15 degrees to the left/right, the ailerons are not as extreme like when the yoke in the cockpit is at let's say at 50 degrees and so on. So if I move the cockpit yoke (nothing to do with my Saitek/Physical yoke), let's say 10 degrees, than the ailerons are deflected slightly to present that amount of turn I wish having. if the pilot wants a sharper turn he would add some more degrees in the yoke, let's say he will turn it to 20 degrees, etc. My issue is in which I am trying to resolve is: if I move my physical yoke about 10 degrees, it should move my cockpit yoke the same which would than traverse to the ailerons to an angle that represents yoke movement of 10 degrees in the cockpit. However, in my case if I move my physical yoke 10 degrees, in the sim it moves it over 20 degrees and also of course the ailerons moving corresponding to a ~20 degrees yoke turn effect in the cockpit and not 10 degrees like I moved my physical yoke. that is because my physical yoke only reaches 45 degrees, which tells the SIM it is the full 90 degrees as that is the peak of the axis (+-) if I move my physical yoke to 30 degrees , in the sim it would have an effect on the ailerons of like moving the yoke in the cockpit to 70 degrees. The reason is known and make seance. all of this is because SIM yoke can move up to 90 degrees (which they gradually effect/moves the ailerons) while my physical yoke could only reach 45 degrees, but the SIM detects my physical yoke movements from 0-45 degrees as 0-90 degrees which potentially doubles the turn/ailerons effects on any movement in between my 0-45 degrees physical yoke to compensate and reach 90 degrees.. to prove this theory, i installed my friends Saitek Cessna yoke, which does go to the full 90 degrees extent turns and you can see the perfect match. the ailerons and internal SIM yoke are perfect match to the physical movement (degrees wise) of the physical Cessna yoke, because both could SYNC as they can both reach 90 degrees turn axis. I actually need to use more angle/degree on the Cessna yoke - which matches more my real life experience - to make the same turns I did on the regular Saitek yoke - so we know for sure it effects the ailerons deflection as well and not only limited to visuals. needless to say that the yoke compare were done on the same plane(s) (PMDG 737 & 777, Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin-otter & LM build-in planes), same SIM/computer. so my question is how do I limit in the FSUIPC/SIM that the maximum Yoke movement would be 45 degrees (which would perfectly match the physical yoke movements limits)? as of now the SIM/FSUIPC detects my 45 degrees yoke angle (the peak of the axis) as 90 degrees yoke angle and any angle in between as double, and of course it traverses it to the Aircraft which effects the ailerons effects more than needed.
  4. Hi all, I have a Saitek Yoke (pro flight), the Yoke turns (left/right) up to 45 degrees on each side, (I think it's called "X" Axis). However, in P3D, the planes the yoke goes to the full 90 degrees when I am at the 45 degrees on my Yoke, which makes it very hard to control the airplane as they are out of SYNC (yoke limitation to go behind 45 degrees). My question is: is there a way to limit my airplanes in P3D (e.g. Twin-otter, PMDG, etc.) 'X Axis' that the max they will go is 45 degrees like my yoke? maybe some sort of calibration, dead zone in FSUIPC etc. not sure how. wanted to consult with you experts.. P.S. i am running on P3D v4.3 and FSUIPC v5.14
  5. Akila

    MyTraffic 5.4c released

    I believe those two patches are to Install above the 5.4C installed version I have, is that true? also , the installation order matters?
  6. Akila

    MyTraffic 5.4c released

    make sense, thanks.
  7. Akila

    MyTraffic 5.4c released

    I have the v5.4 Installed and I have not installed yet the 5.4b Update (252 MB). does this 5.4c includes the 5.4b updates or I must install the 5.4b Update before the 5.4c Update?
  8. I don't know how that happened. I was sure I edited the Original post rather then duplicating it. my bad Sorry. thanks for your answer.
  9. I have P3D v1.3 and I am seeing in the D/L link the following: [b]Install complete FSUIPC version 4.827 [/b][url="http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/Install_FSUIPC4827.zip"]Install FSUIPC4.827[/url] [u][b][color=#ff0000][i]This version works with Prepar3D versions 1.2 and 1.3[/i][/color][/b][/u] -- The documentation is still at 4.80 level. See also the changes document. and: [b]Update FSUIPC version 4.831 [i]only[/i][/b]: [url="http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC4831.zip"]FSUIPC 4.831[/url] [u][b][color=#ff0000][i]For details see the Changes document included.[/i][/color][/b][/u] -- adds [b]ipc.setowndisplay[/b] function for individual display windows per plug-in -- fixes bug in LVar macro with 'DEC,0" setting -- fixes bug in Lua [b]event.key[/b] function. I underlined the remark that references to v4.827. on the Updated model (v4.831) it doesn't mention rather it is also for Prepar3D like in the 4.827. does this means that the 4.831 is not suited for Prepar3D?
  10. Akila

    Wishlist for version 5.4

    What I would like to see is full equality between DX9 and DX10 airliners and paints.

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