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  1. hi |Thomas, thanks again; I understand the left/right and in/out deflections but perhaps you could explain what the top and bottom numbers mean?
  2. Hi Thomas, thanks for your advice; I have attached a new image after applying your method. Does this look right?
  3. Good day I would like to create a profile for single turboprop i.e. Caravan. I think I got the reverse or Beta mode correct once on my CH Yoke by having an idle and reverse zone. I am trying to repeat this but cannot find a way to plot this as there is no Centre option on page one?
  4. Hi Thomas, went to calibrate in Win again, not really sure what they mean by "move the yoke in complete circles" but i rotated the yoke to move in a circle within the square.New image attached. Thanks!
  5. hi Pete I have a CH Yoke about ten years old but no problems thus far. But when trying to calibrate the elevator the min and max are not quite the same? Is this a problem? I find the elevator generally quite twitchy. Image attached.Cheers Charles
  6. Hi Pete, thanks I will work on it, just need a bit of experimenting. Should the FSUIPC5.INI file UseProfiles= be set to Yes or No; currently mine is set to yes.I only have two aircraft profiles.
  7. Hi Pete, have tried to figure this out for myself by reading both docs for installing and advanced before pestering you; I am not sure what the difference is for Aircraft specific profile and a e.g "Jet" profile. I am ok with creating a specific profile e.g for a simple Microlight. But i would like to create one for e.g "Turbo Prop Twin" . If I do this say with a Twin Otter loaded and then want to fly a King air how does one call up that profile in another aircraft? Or have i got it all wrong?Cheers Charles
  8. Hi Pete, I see you are away, hope you enjoy your holiday! Just a question re the setting of a sinle throttle with a reverser or Beta mode e.g Cessna Caravan. If you have a single throttle control and you’d like to have an idle and reverse zone on this, then in the throttle part of page 1 select the “Map to 4 throttles” option. I dont see that option on that screen? See Image. Thanks as always Charles
  9. Thanks Pete, found the key at SimMarket.
  10. Good day Pete, well total meltdown so am now installing LM P3D V 4.2. Any advise on re-activating licence? Regards Charles
  11. Hi Pete, ok some progress, I have been taking note of the numbers changing up and down as I cailibrate. Now have full max and reverse. When moving the CH Quad slighly forard to get the upper idle setting the numbers dont change, ditto for the lower idle setting. So yes its the idle setting I was actually right the first time. The "delete file was in your user guide? Checklist for Assigning Axes via FSUIPC in P3D o CH Control Manager or Saitek SST software not started o Control Panel in Windows: All controllers detected and Working. o Controllers NOT detected: Replug in the controllers and reboot if necessary to ensure that Windows detects the controller – controllers detected o USB controllers plugged directly in to the motherboard or via a dedicated good quality powered USB 2.0 Hub. o Delete (or move) the FSUIPC5.ini file from the Modules folder. o FSUIPC5 is up to date and install the latest version if necessary. o Start
  12. Hi Pete, apologies in first text I meant Reverse, not idle. Idle is not a problem I cant seem to get the levers to go into the reverse (Beta) position. I see with P3D V latest version there is an option for a throttle reverse axis; turned on controllers to see it that would work but does not "see" the lever moving rearwards, only forwards to increase power axis.
  13. Hi Pete perhaps you could shed light re CH throttle Quad. I cannot seem to create the reverse position for this. I would like to create a profile for typical turbo props with reverse thrust. Wnen you say " For controls which have centres or intermediate ‘idle’ positions (aileron, elevator, rudder, spoiler, trim and the separate throttle and propeller pitch controls where centre (idle) is between forward and reverse), position the control in its centre, détente (e.g. “arm” for spoiler) or default position. Pressing the centre “Set” button will enter the value in one or other of," is this the centre of the full arc or at the notch? Just another option I read was to save and then delete the .ini file and then P3D will re build the file? Regards Charles
  14. On the contrary that is exactly what I suspected! So I thought lets do a swap with another device.But suddenly I saw the word connection in your mail; so as a quick test re-checked all connections, moved the TQ to a new location, then after backing up deleted the Upper Filters and Lower Filters Registry Values. SOLVED!!! At last I can now fly instead of fiddle. But all the time spent has helped me learn a lot about the software. Perhaps one day I will dig into the Advanced manual. Thanks again for all the help! Charles
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