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  1. Thanks Ged - I will give this a shot when I get back from work tonight. Cheers, Pete
  2. Hi Burkhard - I am completely lost with respect to compiling the database for the MyTraffic 6. I have been reading the various forums and have tried what I read but I must be doing something wrong. I have been using Mytraffic X for years, and wanted to use this for FSX Steam Edition. I have both FSX CD and FSX-SE installed, but I come to a complete dead end when trying to get this working. In the communicator, I am stuck at this: TrafficDataBasebuilder not yet copied ! Can you help me get this up and running. FYI, I just want to install normal schedules, nothing else. Thanks in advance for your help! Cheers, Pete
  3. Hi Volker, I ran all of the updates from Aerosoft and everything works great now. Thanks again for you interest! Pete
  4. Thanks Volker, I will send when I get home later. Pete
  5. Hi All, This is my first time posting in this forum so I apologize in advance for any dupicated questions. I have searched for posts about the RTE format for the PMDG MD-11 and all the posts seem to indicate that they use the same format as the 747-400. However, that is in the RT2 format. I just installed FS Commander yesterday and created and saved a flight plan (using the rt2 format) into the PMDG flight plans folder. When I loaded it into the FMC using the "coroute" function, it took the plan but it did not show up on the ND display, which is unusual. Is there something else I need to do here? My specs below: FS Commander (Aerosoft) Version 8.1 Boxed FSX Win 7 64 FSUIPC (latest free version but not sure which since I am at work) Thanks in advance for any assistance. Cheers, Pete
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