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  1. Hi Pete! Wow, that was a QUICK reply, thanks. Actually, there is no STICK_SENSITIVITY_MODE in my FSX.CFG file. I have, however, disabled all joysticks within FSX. I think, this should render the STICK_SENSITIVITY_MODE obsolete? As to the manual: You are right, I only did the "quick scan" and read it more carefully afterwards - my apologies. B.t.w.: the usage of the mouse wheel as trim is perfect for me :) Being completely into MATLAB and Fortran programming at work, I tried to avoid programming at home - but the Lua-Plug-in seems to be a very interesting feature - I think I will get into that. Cheers, Christoph
  2. plus, can I set the frequency of the auto-repeat of assigned buttons when holding pressed? Especially the elevator trim is VERY, VERY slow. Cheers, Christoph
  3. Hi! Regarding realistic yoke-input for FSX I have two issues: Using direct Joystick input for FSX, aileron control is very nonlinear (strongly damped around center, "oversteering" around end-position). This seems to be a FSX "issue". I could get that almost straightened out with the FSUIPC input-output "slope". Problem is: I would need a "pure" exponential slope within FSUIPC to perfectly smooth out the FSX nonlinearity. Is there, or will there be a possibility for custom input-output slopes? This would be of GREAT help to get the FSX Cessna('s) to react as close as possible to the real thing. Furthermore, the achievable roll rates of the FSX Cessna's are more likely to be reached by aerobatic Extra's, than by Cessna's. The more important part in getting the controls more realistic would be to limit the aileron movement within FSX - i.e., assigning the whole yoke/joystick movement to a smaller aileron range. Is there a possibility to do that? Thanks in advance, cheers, Christoph
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