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  1. Hello to all; I created a fly plan from airport A to airport B using "FIX POINTS" and "VOR" and "NDB'S" that are inside a "VICTOR" or "JET" airway. Using this points inside the VICTOR or the JET airways Traffic Controller radio me to "RESUME YOUR OWN NAVIGATION". If I use this navigation points outside the VICTOR or JET airway TRAFFIC CONTOLLERS will vector me out of my FLY PLAN, to whatever they want to route me to the B airport. When i make my fly plan I want to fly over the points I like, but TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS tell me "turn left or right to this heading" taking me out of my fly plan. My
  2. Hello to all; Question, I have FSX, also the Cessna Citation Mustang from Flight1. I download the data base from Navigraph, both for the Cessna Citation Mustang and for FS commander. When I run the database manager for FS Commander it ask for the FSX folder location. Will this data in the folder in any way will change the Navigraph data. The data base from Navigraph has an installer, that I think moves the data to FS manager, shuld I run the data base manager for FS Commander after installing the data from the Navigraph into FS Commander. Thank you for your time; MIguel
  3. Hello; I will like to know if any of you know any fly planner that can change the altitude of the aircraft on different points on the route, at point A at 1,000 feet then before point B climb to 3,000 feet, something like that. Thank you for your time. Miguel
  4. Hello; It can't be telepathy because that does not exist, any way, you could just tell me that it has to be imported to FSX to be used, as simple as that. Thank you for your time; Miguel
  5. Hello to all; I finished reading the FS Commander manual, the area for the flight plan, in this area you explain very well how to create a flight plan, but I can't find where you tell "HOW" to use it. How can I tie a flight plan created to FSX. I don't want to export it to FSX, I want FSX to start using the plan from FS Commander. Thank you for your time; MIguel
  6. Hello; Yes, it work very well. Thank you all for helping me. Please, I will like to know if someone changed the circles for a plane symbol, I think that could be so nice. Miguel
  7. Hello to all; I'm using FSX, WIDE CLIENT VER. 6.86, FSCOMMANDER BUILD 14-07-2011, VERSION 9, DATABASE VERSION 9 BUILD 01-01-2011, OPERATING SYSTEM WINDOWS 7 64BITS. I hope I cover all the questions. Well here I go. How can I see my aircraft on the GoogleEarth. I installed the program in the client computer (not running FSX), I'm connected to FSX, the path was specified in WINDOWS/OPTION/ONLINE. I can't find any document about the correct procedure to perform this task. Please help. MIguel
  8. Hello Volker; Sorry, I forgot about that, but I solved the problem. It was my mistake. Thank you for your help. Miguel
  9. Hello; I created a test Flight Plan using FS Commander and I can't move it to the Main computer where FSX is installed. I can see all the drives both sides of the computers. I went to menu and to the FlyPlan area and in there I selected the drive letter assigned by the computer in the mounting process. I click SaveAs and hit the save key. When I go to FSX to load the Plan is not there, FS Commander is not moving the plan to the users/name/My documents/FSX files. Every thing is shared. But the program will not save to the computer where FSX in installed. Please help! Thank you all for your t
  10. Thank you; That was what I did. MIguel
  11. Thank you, but the answer is not there. I figure it out by myself.
  12. Hello; I downloaded from Navigraph the new FMS data for FlightSim Commander, Please, I will like to know how do I install this file to FSC. Thank you for your time; Miguel
  13. Hello Pete; I'm really amazed how fast you answer this, sometimes, dumb questions. But this is really appriciated by us. Thank you; Miguel
  14. Hello; I have a message "FLIGHT SIMULATOR HAS DETECTED A PROBLEM WITH A THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE PROGRAM(ADDED-ON)during installation. I have windows 7 and FSX. Thank you for your time. Miguel
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