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  1. Thank you both, I can use with confidence, that is all I need to know. Very best regards peebee
  2. Thanks Ian, I guess that brings me back to my original question, if I do have to replace my config with my backup wil the communicator tool rewrite the my traffic line too it?? When it can't see that the backup config hasn't got it in it OR will I have to save the my traffic line into my backup tweaked config. I hope I am making myself clear. Regards peebee
  3. Thanks Ian, I was beginning get worried, every thing I have read or understood is that FSX would self generate its own .config if the old one got messed up. As I have said I use a tweaked FSX.Cfg provided by Jesus Altuve which I have saved. Peebee
  4. How do you install aircraft such as the PMDB NGX ?? Do you not get a message when you run FSX for the first time after your install asking if you want to run this software yes or no. And similar with other major pay ware addons. Peebee
  5. Hi Burkhard, I'm sorry accepting the gauges may be misleading. What I mean't was when you install 3rd party aircraft from Pmdg, Cap Sim ect or add on scenery from Orbx ect the first time you run Fsx it will come up with a box asking you if you want to run the new add on's yes/no, when I replace my FSX.Cfg all these pop up again because as you say the config at this stage thinks they are all new installations and you have to go through the first startup routine again. Peebee
  6. Thanks for your quick reply Burkhard. When you say will mess everything up.... Can you explain that please I keep a backup of my custom FSX.Cfg if I start getting errors or CTDs I remove the old config and copy in my backup accept all the gauges ect and its good as new. My concern was My Traffic may not like this. I must say its usually a last resort that I replace the config. Peebee
  7. Hi, my question is if I replace my FSX.Cfg as I do from time to time when it gets a bit messed up. Will communicator automatically give the option to add the my traffic line back in? I use one of Jesus' custom config files. Thanks peebee
  8. Hi Volker, I successfully installed FSX by manually making a folder C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Fsx had no problem installing into that I started the setup file using admin rights. I have spent the next few hours reinstalling SP1 & 2 plus all my addon scenery and aircraft plus FCUIPC 4.57 then FSC all using admin rights. All installed ok,all updated to airac 1001, but still have to start FSX AND FSC without admin rights to get them to connect. This is ok with level D B767 and Wilco 737PIC but PMDG JS41 and Wilco Airbus vol 1 have issues where they have to be started with FSX in admin rights this means I can't get a connection to FSC. FSC is saving the flightplans ok, but I still havn't worked out how to retrieve them and load into the aircrafts FMC. UIPC Hello is giving Sim is FSYETANOTHER FSUPC 4.570 CLOCK 02:03:13
  9. Hi Volker, Thanks for your quick reply. Did you install your FSX into the root directory of C: ? I ask this because when I have tried to install FSX onto C: the install program states that it cannot be intalled into the root directory. I have FSC installed as you say in C:\FSC no problem. the FSX issue suggests to me that it has to be installed as C:\...\FSX. ie in a sub directory of C: Perhaps C:\Games\Microsoft Flight simulator X ?? Thanks Phil Broadhurst
  10. Hi On the forum sticky it explains not to install FSX in program files in windows 7 64 bit. After a few problems with FSX installed in the default program files(486x) and FSC 8.6 as described in one of my other posts. I decided to bite the bullet and uninstall FSX and follow the advise and reinstall in C:/ the first problem was the setup program won't allow an install into the root directory so I made a folder called "Flight sim" Fsx installed into this but not as a sub directory so Microsoft Flight simulator X was now simply Flight Sim if you follow.This then gave me problems when trying to install the add on scenery I have mega airport Londow Heathrow and Vfr London, due to the folders bing incorrectly named I suspect. I have now uninstalled everything again to start afresh. Can you please advise how you have installed FSX into C: when I get it up and running I can the reinstall FSC. Thank you Phil Broadhurst
  11. My problem is related I think but slightly different, I have set up my FSX flightplan folder in options (FSC 8.6) when I "save as" to any of the folders FSC or to FSX a message comes up "Flight plan cannot be saved because FS Path unknown! Please specify FS path in options window!" I click ok and the save as ends. I have checked the folders and the flightplan has actually saved to the correct place. Why is this annoying warning coming up? Another question I have the PMDG JS 41 installed I can save a flightplan to the PMDG/FLIGHTPLAN folder but the JS41 FMC cant pick it up, I save it with the PMDG option ticked. I should add that I am using windows 7 64bit, FSC 8.6 build 200110 I have FSX and FSC configured to start in admin mode automatically. I hope you can help Thanks Phil Broadhurst
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