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  1. I thought I'd figured this out after you pointed me in the right direction but I get this now According to your advanced user guide it says Error 19 is "The C.r K or M needed for Control,Key or Macro is missing" is that saying then that button 4 on joy 1 is missing? Sorry I keep bugging you with this, still trying to learn how to use FSUIPC.
  2. My buttons are all on one joystick, the only reason I didn't include the j(x) bit to assign a joystick is because I looked at the fsuipc.ini file I have and under the [buttons] it doesn't use the j(x),b(x) format it just uses a button number. Does it make a difference that these buttons we're set up via the config screen in FSUIPC? That's a section from my [buttons] bit, if you noticed its not actually saying a joystick number like you advanced guide says you need too, so I didn't include it in my code above since I was copying how it was already set out in my fsuipc.ini file. Is that working as intended or not?
  3. So I'm guessing for what I want I need to use "button compounding" as the advance guide puts it. So have I got this right with the following code n=CP(b2)b15,66059 (means when I Hold button 2 and press b15 it'll do the action associated with 66059 (happens to be landing lights on) n=CP(b2)b16,66060 (same as above with button 2 but this time b16 turns the landing lights off) or do I need to change the CP to CR?
  4. Is it possible to set up my joystick using FSUIPC so that when I hold a certain joystick button it toggles other buttons to something else? My current joystick is X52Pro and I have the switches below my joystick control currently set to Gear up/down and flaps up/down. What I want to know if I hold one of the buttons on say my throttle and then go to use the switches they do something different? ie control the light on my aircraft. Any help would be appreciated, thank you :) P.S I did a quick search for this but couldn't find anything relevant, though my searching skills are like my flying skills, not very good :p
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