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  1. I am facing a dilemma with this. I have UTL and not very happy with it because it does not work fully with STB. When a UTL flight plan is assigned then STB will show the destination but not the times. I have been slowly adding in my own packages and those work well with STB. So the problem I am having is should I keep adding my own packages which will take forever, wait for UTL and STB to work together, or wait to see what traffic global will offer. It's mostly dependent on STB because that is what I use the most. I would prefer to keep using UTL because all the packages are already there but if it will never be able to work with STB fully, then I will have to go the other routes. Do you think sometime down the road that UTL will be able to play nice with STB? also, do you know if STB will support traffic global? I know it's not out yet but maybe you have some previous secret information.
  2. error message says I should report this

    uh oh, I spoke too soon because it just happened again. I tried doing the same thing as last time but it didn't work. What should I do? This time there are no repaints. I also cant run the airport elevation correction in ftx vector which i assume is looking for the same airports.
  3. error message says I should report this

    Thank you again, it seems like it worked. Do you know what caused it? could it have been the repaint or the add on airport.
  4. hello again, I just started getting this message on startup. I bought a few new airports. I did not run make runways after each airport and they worked fine. I then ran make runways and now I have this error message. I tried to add a repaint to ultimate traffic live as well but I took that out thinking that could be the culprit. I am getting this message and I don't know what it means so I am sending it to you because you always know what the problem is. Thank you crash.txt
  5. I can finally show my problem

    I don't have EZDOK. I have just learned to live with the problem and pretend that all the skies are turbulent all over the world.
  6. I can finally show my problem

    Revisiting this problem because surprise, surprise it has now shown up in P3D V4. I am still not sure what is happening but the latest thought is that it's a problem with the view mode. I think it's because the view is not in locked spot so the plane shakes. I don't know how to change the view because when I click to shadow or follow a plane it automatically goes to the ai planes view (which makes sense). I can't believe I can't get rid of this problem even with a brand new fresh install of P3D V4. I would love to get some help with this. Thanks
  7. STB V4 for Prepar3D-V4 now available

    Ok, I guess I will uninstall ultimate traffic live :)
  8. STB V4 for Prepar3D-V4 now available

    You should, without your program I would not be able to enjoy P3D V4 the way I want to. I just wish it worked better with ultimate traffic live but I know that you are working hard on that one. Thanks for all your hard work again.
  9. STB V4 for Prepar3D-V4 now available

    Ok, stupid me. I thought if I was logged in then the program would not charge me when I bought a "new" STB. I checked my purchases and I saw that the new version is there. I guess now I can go ahead and buy P3D v4. I was only waiting for STB to be updated. Thank You.
  10. STB V4 for Prepar3D-V4 now available

    thank you a bunch, but the discount doesn't seem to apply to simmarket. I even signed in and it says there is a discount but it is not free.
  11. I can finally show my problem

    Ok, i put it in the wrong line the first time but fixed it. I am still getting a little bit of jumping around with the planes but seems to be less. Fair warning, I bought ultimate traffic live so I am sure i will have more questions later on down the road :)
  12. I can finally show my problem

    does anyone know how to fix the loadvirtualcockpit flag is not set to 1 in the cfg file? I put that line in the config file but it still pops up every time I load STB. If I click on the message about 6 times then STB loads up but I don't think that's the best thing to do. It means something is wrong with my setup. Could be a bigger problem in the future. thanks
  13. I can finally show my problem

    edit: one thing i found but never happened before is a warning that loadvirtualcockpit is not set to 1 in the cfg file of P3d v3. I don't have that command in the cfg file. STB eventually loads but maybe that's my problem. Like I said I have never gotten this warning before. I am using follow ai, but it happens on shadow ai too.
  14. I can finally show my problem

    I hope it is as simple as that. I took a flight today and I unselected the P3D extra views and used follow ai but it started shaking again but this time it was not until it reached 25,000 feet and not as violent. It doesn't happen on the ground even using the extra views just in the air. What should I use to follow the plane? should I use shadow ai or follow ai. Do you think that P3D V3 has some sort of confusion with STB. Because I used shadow ai in P3D v2 and never had a problem. thanks
  15. Ok, finally I can show my problem. I am not computer savy so this is a big step. This has been bothering me for months. It started when I switched over from P3D v2 to v3. I had a hard time explaining this but now it can be shown. I hope someone can help me with this. I am using Shadow ai in this video but it happens with follow, view, and chase ai. I am also using ultimate traffic live but it was happening way before that. I am somewhat confused with using views with the two programs. I start out with locked spot view but then when I use shadow ai then the view changes to ai view. I assume that's normal but maybe P3D v3 works differently. Anyway, I really hope someone can offer advice. I have ruled out other addons because I disabled them but kept super traffic board active.Thanks so much. https://youtu.be/I4t9xen0Ano