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  1. Hi, I have a problem now that when I click on a plane to watch from the traffic board the game crashes. It happens when I am spotting at one airport and also when I follow a plane from gate to gate. My memory and CPU are fine so I am confused what could cause this. Sometimes I can spot for a few hours and sometimes it's only for 30 minutes or so. It's very random which makes it harder to figure out and pin point. Thank you
  2. Here's the next beta update for STB for Prepar3D V4, with the following changes since the last official update: Summary of Changes in V4.2.2018.34400 · Update Make Runways utilities to V4.8.6.4. · Deploy all files associated with Make Runways, not just the .exe file. · Added Lorbi-SI redistributables to the Make Runways package included with STB. · Added dialog describing the Make Runways related redistributables with links to author webpages and readmes. · Removed MakeRunways prerequisite info dialogue. A separate Lorbi-SI install to support Make Runways is no longer mandatory. · Tolerate the presence of P3D "AddOn" related entries in the scenery library configuration file. · Completed the new Content Error Reporting system to capture STB errors relating to simulator content (Scenery Library, SimObjects, Schedules and Airports). · Added debug to catch and better explain any exceptions occurring during instantiation of the P3DFileHelper class that are directed to the Windows Event Log · Added atc_type and atc_model values to Flying-W Invisible Aircraft to avoid Simulator and STB Content Errors. · Fixed incorrect aircraft counts at airports mentioned in a user aircraft flight plan. Summary of Changes in V4.2.2018.26800 · Phase 1 of the STB Content Error Reporting system. Content errors are problems with data content such as errors with logos, airports or traffic schedules. Content Errors can be suppressed or reported in dialogue via Trace Settings in the UI. Phase 1 adds logo related errors to the reporting system. · Fixed bug where calculating departed at times for departure remarks could cause an exception. If insufficient data exists to make the calculation, it no longer happens. · Bug Fix: Predicted and materialized AI flights failed to reconcile and created duplicate flights on the board for schedule repeat periods less than a day and for the 2nd or greater repeat period within a day. · Bug Fix: Added exception handling to the methods that handle callbacks from Simconnect that would otherwise fail silently. Bug Fix: Obtain user SimObjectID from simulator instead of defaulting value. · Bug Fix: Correctly round schedule times to the nearest minute instead of always rounding down. You can download the STB Client update from here: http://bit.ly/2UFjRGq And the STB Data Server combined update and installer from here (only required on the Prepar3D computer when running STB Client on a separate computer: http://bit.ly/2B6AYrD Lots of good stuff here, and it's no longer necessary to install the Lorby add-on organiser as a pre-requisite for Make Runways (although there are other good reasons to do so beyond STB). Until next year, happy Christmas and a prosperous new year! http://bit.ly/2UFjRGq
  3. I have been trying to download the update link for the latest beta but when it downloads it's a file format that I never heard of. I thought there would be a zip file to install with the latest version but it's just a empty file. Maybe I am not the best with these kind of things but I don't seem to getting a file I can use. Other people seem to have downloaded it fine but I can't. Thanks
  4. Can you tell me what the last version is going to be for P3D V4.3. I thought there was a new version in beta but I haven't been able to install it. There is a link to download it but I only get some weird file that I don't know what to do with. I guess it's time to bite the bullet and update to 4.4 but I am not thrilled about it. Nevertheless, when you update then I update.
  5. diceflo

    Is there a way to go back?

    Thank you, glad it wasn't that difficult for you. I am using STB 4.2.2018.20200. Also Glad that I found something for you that will help others who may be having the same problem.
  6. diceflo

    Is there a way to go back?

    Hi, sorry to keep this going but I am having some new problems and I thought I would share them with you. I am attaching a screen shot to explain 1. The message across the screen states it can't find the departure plan, I use AIG flight plans so I am not sure what this message means. 2. One problem that keeps coming up is the message deleted due to excessive schedule delay. I also have some more messages telling me there are more deletions and cancellation and slew resets. can you explain exactly what those mean. I reduced my traffic sliders to 5o percent but I still have those messages. 3. There are double flight numbers in the arrivals board. I only have one flight plan for that airline. The double flight plans I can live with, but the other problems are pestering me, Thanks as always.
  7. diceflo

    Is there a way to go back?

    thank you, that has helped the situation. I do have lots of cancelled arrivals due to excessive schedule delay. Does that mean I have the traffic settings too high or I have to much ai flight plans? I still have a lot less departures than arrivals but I am living with it. At the new EBBR I have about 50 departures and 6 arrivals and at KJFK I have around 112 departures and around 22 arrivals. Does that seem like an accurate amount? If it is then there is no problem and everything is fine 🙂
  8. diceflo

    Is there a way to go back?

    uh oh, I deleted my STB and installed with the next to last one but I am getting this error. Do I still need to install the data server if I only use the same computer each time? crash.txt
  9. So my problems have continued and I wanted to try with the old version to see if the problems have started after that. I notice that my times seem to be off with passenger traffic arriving around 3am which doesn't make sense. I also have very few arrivals but regular departures and am not sure what is causing that but I am trying to figure it out. Which version is the last one? there have been a lot of versions which I am grateful for but it's a little hard to remember what version did what. thanks
  10. diceflo

    I have a problem with AIFP and STB

    Success! I discovered a miss match in the numbering for the 773's and they all appeared. Good thing to know especially if I have to check to see if other planes have the same problem. I hope that won't be the case. My other problem still exists but maybe it's all related.
  11. diceflo

    I have a problem with AIFP and STB

    I think you change the atc airline name in the aircraft config
  12. diceflo

    I have a problem with AIFP and STB

    Are you having the same problem with the scheduled airlines?. For the logo, I do a search online a save the logo and then add it to the logos folder and STB reads it fine.
  13. diceflo

    I have a problem with AIFP and STB

    good try but I saw that yesterday too and thought it could be the problem. But I think that it is just telling you that some of the aifp plans are not complete. For example If you compiled an airline but didn't have all the repaints in the file (something I do all the time). I was checking my STB today and saw something weird. A whole row of planes are active but that one emirates 773 is always scheduled. I am finding this problem all over the place where a plane always stays scheduled. I also can't see this aircraft in my P3D v4.2 default ai traffic view. it's so weird and getting annoying.
  14. diceflo

    I have a problem with AIFP and STB

    yes, I recompile and make runways each time. I tried to rebuild my cfg file and I still only have few arrivals but lots of departures. The airline density does not reflect in STb. If I reduce the sliders in P3D V4.2 there is no change. Is there something else I can check? How can I make sure STB is correct in it's data. Can you tell me what version was the last stable one, maybe I can go back to an earlier version to see if that solves it.
  15. diceflo

    I have a problem with AIFP and STB

    well something is definitely going on but it may not be with STB. I downloaded another repaint for a different model and Tampa cargo showed up (but black textures). I still have a lot less departures than arrivals and most of my planes say scheduled and never arrive or depart. Funny thing is all the flag carriers are active so there are huge blocks of arrivals and departures from then but few from other ones. I think the problem may be that my ai is a combination of different models from FAIB down to AIG and that could cause confusion if some of the models are P3D native, FSX native or P3D converted. It's all very confusing so maybe that's happening. Now here's something interesting. If I change the traffic sliders in P3D V4.2 it doesn't change the values in STB. But I'm sure that the next STB will solve all my problems 🙂 Got this error today, not sure what it means. How can I make sure STB is reading the flight plans from AIFP? Also all of my emirates 777's always stay scheduled. Is there some kind of filter button somewhere that I accidentally clicked on because I have no idea what is happening. The 380's get active and they are using the same flight plans.

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