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  1. hi pete i have just formatted my pc to install fs9 stuff and i upgraded to fsuipc 3.98.problem is i looked through all emails and can't find the registration key.its bugging me so how can i regain it and from where.if i post my email could you supply it , i looked through emails and normally in the search for emails part i type in fsuipc and everything to do with that comes up but nothing in mine at all.please help simon
  2. many thanks for your help and you explain it well,i will keep you posted on the outcome, could you tell me pete if i need to re register when the fsuipc is updated to 3.98,i mean will i enter my original key registrations into the new software or will i have to buy new reg key? thanks again
  3. hi i have tried also to set the autobrakes through fsuipc but with no success.i have tried everything to make it work and at one point nearly cracked it but nearlys not enough.i have tried offsetts which dont work and then macros which dont work but i have read something from a thread that you modify your macro and make it carry out decrements and increments as the switch on the main panel only increases or decreases.it doesnt recognise max 3 2 1 off and rto it just thinks decrease or increase so i read.wish i could just grasp it as i have been doing this for 4 days on and off but just cant see where i am going off.pete stated to apply it to the autobrake set which i tried but that didnt cure it either,i think thats the autobrake arm if i am correct.if you find a solution please let me know i have fsuipc 3.96 fs9 addons pmdg payware 737-800 using 2d panel view many thanks
  4. sorry for the wrong posting but as i said its my first time so i will remember to start a new thread.i have seen other threads on this which i will try and hopefully get it to work.what a great piece of software by the way..... "question" once registered to fsuipc does future updates require new registration or can you use existing reg keys as i have only just purchased the 3.96 many thanks
  5. hi i am new to this forum and need help.i am trying to make a rotary switch with 6 positions work the autobrakes switch in pmdg 737ng fs2004.i am using macros and not getting anyware so decided to use offsets...i read up various posts who say use offset 0x2f80 par 0-5 (this needs to be checked as i cant be 100%) which made sense but the offset must be the wrong hex num.I saw on another site the offset should be 0x6db1 (i think or 0x6bd1) and i tried this but again no luck.i had more luck with macros but when i make all 6 macros and correctly assign them the switch goes crazy, basically going up and down like no tomorrow.can anyone shed any light on what i am doing wrong fs2004 (fs9) fsuipc 3.96 registered (thanks pete) with widefs pmdg payware boxed 737ng various add ons any help would be appreciated
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