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  1. The error described above is what happened when I said OK to running it; FSX would when close to the desk top. If I said no (don't run it) FSX started OK. I did see the multiple Milviz entries; have no idea how that happened. You think it's safe for me to delete duplicates in the dll.xml? Can't explain the number of loaded dll's other than the number of add-ons I have installed. At any rate, the trouble I have/had started with a FSUIPC update to 4.961. Today I saw the next upgrade which I downloaded and installed and, it has worked perfectly through a number of re-starts (of FSX) as well as re-boots fo the PC, so maybe 4.962 has exorcised my FS demon. So, let me hold this thought & I'll re-post if it comes back. Thanks for your time, Dave
  2. After upgrading fsuipc to 4.961, FSX throws an error when loading (FS has detected a problem with a third party software...FSUIPC4 DLL...FS new universal interface...). I read through some posts discussing the same error, but they were for P3D. You previously suggested to another user that restarting FSX several times should resolve the problem, and is did for me for a few days. Got the error again last night (and now) despite no additional changes to FSX or anything else. Tried reinstalling, and FSX loaded fine on the first try, but failed each subsequent attempt. I've attached the simconnect log. Previous to this, I had no problems with FSUIPC. Thx, Dave Skuback SimConnect0.Log
  3. Hi, I still use FS9 extensively because my PMDG a/c are far more stable, and with a significantly higher FPS, than they are in FSX. I use FSX for everything else. If you're still so inclined, I'd also appreciate having MyTraffic for FS9. Thanks for your generosity. Dave Skuback
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