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  1. OK, I just used the Saitek profile editor. And it seemed to work really well. Really simple.
  2. In the FS9 assignments I have set the Flaps up on the X axis, sensitivity up full and null to 0. This makes the flaps work great with all aircraft including the PMDG 737, but not the PMDG 747. It's a shame this one aircraft won't recognize the FS commands? Is there a quick fix for this? The 747 is just doesn't want to comply. Been struggling for weeks. I think you can assign the FSUIPC with flap increments. Are there any tutorial on this I can have a look at, I see the options in FSUIPC, but It looks very involved. thanks in advance.
  3. Also similar problem to mine raised here. http://forums.nvidia.com/lofiversion/index.php?t42900.html
  4. Thank you very much. I will look into this. regards Julian
  5. Ok I guess it's time to look at the Nvidea forums. Thanks for your advice.
  6. In full screen mode FSUIPC freezes. When in windowed mode, I can edit it. The simulation in itself seems to be fine. I will get FSX, I have stuck with FS9 because it has run fine in the past. I have only had this PC for a couple of weeks. So I it might take a bit of tweaking. I have had 3 systems in the past, and it has ran with no trouble. Since buying a saitek, throttle and yoke, the need for FSUIPC has become more of an interest. I can get the PTT to work with squawk box, throught the fsuipc. Gears up and down, on one of the Saitek levers. The TOGA switch after a lot of struggling now seems to work, using the mouse macro mentioned before. I am waiting for the new PMDG 737X to come out. I wouldn't really know which aircraft to fly with FSX, at the moment. The scenery looks amazing, in FSX.
  7. Just to add, I have FSUIPC 3.98a installed. I am only using FS9. I don't have fsx yet. When I say high frames I set mine to 28, wheres before I only kept it on 20. Even with a better system I am tight with the frames. ok cool, that sounds like a plan.
  8. It's all a brand new system, I would expect some teething problems. I have a Nvidea Gforces GTX 480. I have updated the drives. I installed the FSUIPC as admin, with the best compatibility set. Or at least do I think I have. So I don't know at this stage. I've not had this much trouble before. On the old xp system, everything just worked. It might be the PMDG add-ons haven't installed very well. It fly's well and doesn't crash once your doing a flight. Apart from a black mouse issue. And the frames are great.
  9. Ok the toga mouse macro it just seemed to work after restarting. I tried assignment on the gear as well. But can only get it working one way. I must admit, it is a very unstable process. The whole FS gets pretty ugly. Freezing locking up etc. I am on windows 7. Maybe there is a issue or something with this?
  10. I did this but I don't think it did anything. However I can edit FSUIPC if I am in window mode. It just doesn't like full screen mode for some reason. Anyway I did a mouse macro an saved it, but I am not quite sure where you are meant to reload it? thanks
  11. Interesting you have win7 as well. Ok will disable visual theme as well.
  12. I have refreshed the Nvideoa drivers, but it is still freezing. The problem only started when the FSUIPC was registered. Is there a way of resetting it?
  13. I would like to have another look. Is there any reason why the screen goes black when launching FSUIPC? This happens quite often. I can only force quit it, using the task manager. Am I doing something wrong? I can't even cancel it, and it is freezing FS9 :( Any suggestions would be appreciated. :?:
  14. I did try and use this. But it looked a bit precarious. Is there a easy way of reviewing all of your FSUIPC actions?
  15. I think I know what the problem is. The problem is that the PMDG commands are set wrong CTL>SHT>M. But every time I edit it to CTL>SHT G and close it doesn't change, very weird, keeps popping back to what it was.
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