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  1. On Windows 10 FSX with FSUIPC4 worked beautifully. Now I'm learning MSFS and I don't like its control of yoke, TQ, rudder, keys, buttons. I'd like to know if FSUIIPC7 will work for me. While investigating this, I read on the Dowson site that PC MSFS is supported but XBOX MSFS is not. I'm using Windows 10 on a desktop, nothing to do with an XBOX. Please clarify what XBOX MSFS means. The best I can do is guess. No sense in buying FSUIPC7 if I can't use it. I bought FS through Best Buy and during the install I was seeing "XBOX" frequently, and Microsoft Store Gaming is involved in this somehow. When launching MSFS , the screen displays: XBOX GAME STUDIOS, then ASOBO STUDIOS, then blackshark.ai. If that means I'm unsupported I can stop spending more time on this. Help please.
  2. I had a system meltdown and lost everything. I am now reinstalling FSUIPC4. I downloaded the current version zip file from schiratti and clicked "Install FSUIPC4." A msg said: "FSUIPC4.DLL 4.957b installed into FSX ok." But the "FSXUIPC Install" file said: "Registration check for FSUIPC4 was cancelled or failed! (result code 10)." I have my license key information but how do I use it to reinstall? (As directed, I read the FSUIPC4 User Guide page 5, but saw nothing that would help me perform the FSUIPC4 reinstall. How can I proceed?) Thank You, Gary
  3. Hello Pete, I use FSUIPC4 4.703 with FSX. After a long VFR flight in a Cessna 172 - using AP either in NAV mode, or in GPS mode with a flight plan loaded - during my approach, after deactivating AP I realize that rudder control no longer works. Once on the ground neither rudder nor differential brakes work. I opened FSUIPC and the axis assignments/calibration seemed normal (the IN and OUT box values changed as expected). When I exited FSUIPC and resumed FSX, the controls worked as they should. I use Saitek yoke/TQ and pedal/brake units. I can't blame FSUIPC because I also tried operating rudder and brakes using the keyboard NUM keys. That didn't work either. I can recover from this annoyance and land normally by opening FSUIPC shortly before beginning an approach but that's not really a fix. Ever heard of anything like this? Does FSUIPC log anything that might help me diagnose this bug? MH
  4. Hi Pete, Good enough. Thanks for the information. With the FS Clock Synced unticked FSX runs smooth as silk. I am going to disable my AV and use alacrityPC to suspend some other apps and services and see if that will help too. My processor is only a i7 930 quad overclocked to 3.36 GHz. but it does a super job. Thanks again for your comments. Regards, Ga;ry
  5. I think FSUIPC has something to do with this failure because if I run FSX with no add-ons I have no problems. If I install any addons other than FSUIPC, I have no problems. But if FSUIPC is the only add-on, I have problems. A reasonable person might suspect FSUIPC is involved and investigate further. As you said, I'm probably seeing a scenery reload, not a flight reload. You said a scenery reload is caused by a time correction exceeding one minute. "Keep FS clock synced" was ticked. I think that's what you're referring to. So it's possible that a "time distortion" occurred, by which I think you mean the system clock differs from the FS clock by more than a minute. But then you say that FS normally syncs on a 50-second cycle if it can, thus there should never have been a scenery reload. Why might FS be unable to sync on a 50-second cycle? Page six of the Advanced User's Guide defines ClockSync and ClockSyncMins (see next paragraph). It could be written more clearly and an example would help. Do these two options permit me to avoid the sync problem by going into FSUIPC.ini and manually setting ClockSync to Yes and ClockSyncMins to 1? Or am I just as well off to simply set ClockSync to No? ClockSync: This facility synchronises the seconds values with that of your PCs system clock. It is defaulted off (=No). Note that the synchronisation can only operate when the seconds = 0, and then it also has to set the miunte. Consequently, it will only attempt to make an adjustment when the minutes difference is less than that set by the next parameter: ClockSyncMins: The minutes difference within which FSUIPC4‘s ClockSync facility will operate. This defaults to 5, but note that if you want to reduce the occasions that FSX reloads textures, you will need to set this less. Conversely, if you want the exact minutes value to be maintained as well as seconds, set this to 59 or 60. I'm incredulous that you can't make head or tail of the screenshots. They clearly show that the flights had been interrupted and then restarted in midflight, with all evidence of the earlier portion of the flight obliterated. That seems easy to understand. I investigated GoFlight and VRi. Thanks for mentioning them. Their physical size and pricing make them impractical for the casual simmer such as myself. If I had $3,000+ USD burning a hole in my pocket, I would find a way to spend it that includes my dear wife. I think the type of simming done by most of us is not serious enough that we'd buy that expensive gear, use most of a room to build a 5-screen flight deck mockup with overhead instruments and who knows what else. At some point pretending becomes unreasonable. Many of us don't want to go that far. Anyhow, you haven't addressed the rudder and elevator going full limit and chattering. If you have any ideas about that, I'd be pleased to hear them. Perhaps I'll increase the dead zones for those controls and see what happens. The Saitek software, which I abhor, may be my best option. Too bad, I really like FSUIPC.
  6. Would you care to send me a brief PM regarding the merits, or otherwise, of the most popular FS hardware?
  7. Hello Pete, I have an interesting issue. I run FSX/FSUIPC4 on a Win 7 system. I have a Saitek yoke, TQ, and pedals. The problem: While flying, FSX reloads the flight repeatedly, resetting the flight in the logbook and map view, without any action on my part. It happened once as I was lifting off the runway. I was using version 4.57, so upgraded to 4.60 but the failure remains. It seems to occur more often if I am on Autopilot in my C172, occasionally changing heading and altitude during a long flight. In my test case I'm using no add-ons except FUIPC4. If I remove the FSUIPC4 dll file from the FSX Module folder the problem stops. Cockpit and VC modes both fail. I got desperate and did a complete reinstall of Windows 7 and FSX, but no joy. I even shipped the system back to the builder, who did the same, more professionally. The problem still exists. I have attached several .png files to show what FSX Map View looks like when this happens. I am able to use Saitek's software without similar failures, but FSUIPC4 offers many more options so I'd love to fix this. Another oddity - this morning while changing either altitude or heading in VC mode, the yoke chattered as if I were tweaking it rapidly. But I was moving it off-center very smoothly. And just after landing, when I began a taxi the rudder seemed to be jammed left. I could only move in circles. I clicked the key to center the rudder and everything was fine. Then I did Spot View and could see that the elevator was jammed down. I was able to get it moving somewhat well, but just off the center of travel it too would chatter as if I were moving it rapidly. I think I have adequate dead zones defined, spikes removed, and filtering on. The LED on the yoke has what I consider a non critical symptom. It flashes very rapidly. But I don't use it so I've written it off as something not worth fixing. I have a functional Saitek joystick that I could use - to eliminate the yoke/TQ/pedals, if you think it's worth trying. If I can provide additional information to isolate the cause, please ask. Perhaps there are log, cfg, or ini files or something to explain why it's happening. Thanks, Gary
  8. Well... I've assigned an axis to the hat switch but it wasn't completely satisfying. Maybe I didn't do it correctly. I'm using profile-specific settings. On the Axis Assignment tab no matter which way I move the hat switch it shows up as Joy# Y, Axis# P. I assume you meant for me to make my selections from the left side of the window, although the right side says "This side to send button controls." The right side seems to be for buttons to be sent within a range for action. Am I correct? So on the left side of the window I tick Send to FS as normal axis, then tick the first text entry line and select Pan View. As long as I hold the hat switch transferred, the numbers in the In/Out boxes indicate the direction in which I've moved it. When I release, both boxes display -1. When I test my work, cockpit view works as it should but VC view is quite erratic. You said it would be smooth but it's not, so did I misread your directions? At least when I release the hat switch the view doesn't snap back to front, but I didn't expect the jumpiness. Does it sound as though I've done the right thing? MH
  9. Didn't try Barrie's method. The U/G specifically says it reverts to the previous view upon release so I concluded that meant if I viewed right (90), then right-down(135), then down (180), then released... that I'd revert to right-down. But upon further thought the switch must perform a release when I move between positions so... I see it would work, but be jumpy as you say. The hat switch being a switch (not a lever of some sort) led me to believe that I couldn't program it in Axis assignments. If I can do that, it seems that would resolve my issue. On the Axis tab the hat switch shows up as Joy Y, Axis P - no matter the position to which I move it. If I select "Send to FS as normal axis" and "Pan View," is that the approach you're recommending? It will work for both modes - cockpit and VC? Switching between modes could be confusing but I find it helpful occasionally in viewing parts of the control panel. I'm sure I could polish my "technique" and eliminate the switching, but it hasn't been a problem so far. Hell's bells... I'm confused most of the time and my dear wife seems to get a kick out of watching me. I'm 70. It's part of the process. Best Regards, Gary
  10. I just installed FSX and have FSUIPC4-coded my hat switch the same way I FSUIPC3-coded it in FS9. I've set things up exactly as shown in the example on page 35 of the FSUIPC4.57 User Guide. For example, I use PAN RIGHT on press (parm=90), to repeat, and PAN RESET COCKPIT on release. Cockpit mode works fine, the way it did in FS9. It snaps right on press, and snaps forward on release. In Virtual cockpit, it pans right correctly, but when I release the POV, instead of staying put, it snaps back to front view. I could delete the PAN RESET COCKPIT on release and get Virt Cockpit to work, but then cockpit mode wouldn't be right. I could code it per Barrie's suggestion, but I'm used to doing it this way. Any ideas? Thanks, Gary
  11. Thank you for the extra piece of info about FSUIPC4! That was another concern of mine. Precisely the info I needed and right to the point. :D All of us are thoroughly grateful to Pete for this product. Priceless. GJG
  12. I am replacing my 32-bit XP system (running FS2004/FSUIPC3.98) with a new Win 7 64-bit system (gobs of RAM and HDD space), on which I will install both FS2004 (with FSUIPC3) and FSX (with FSUIPC4). I purchased the FSUIPC3 license long ago. Can I simply transfer it to my new system and use the same key? Thanks, GJG
  13. Hi jordanal, I had the same question so searched the forum and found your post. The FSUIPC 3.98 User Guide page 28, para 8, says that there are two ways (manual and auto) to assign alphabetic IDs to control devices. It then describes the first method as preferable, which is to assign an alpha ID to a name in the JoyNames section, but it doesn't say specifically HOW to do it in that section, even though one could say that it is implied. Like you, I'd rather use the preferred method. So... you manually added three lines to FSUIPC.ini in the JoyNames section (a good guess, but one shouldn't have to guess). You seem to have also manually edited the Axes section so the IDs match the JoyNames section. Nothing is said about that in the U/G and para 5 on page 28 of the U/G gave me the impression that once you changed the JoyNames section, the Axes section would be updated automagically. I'll try it. Thanks for raising the question. I didn't have to. It's unfortunate that Pete told you that you didn't know what you were doing and that you should just try it and see. I think it was a legitimate question. And in suggesting that you could have used the autoassignletters method he didn't seem to realize that if you wanted to do that you would have done so and your post would not have been necessary in the first place. G
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