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  1. Hello, I need some help because I get crazy. I'm searching a solution to fix my problem since yesterday and I guess I'm the only one in this world to encounter it because no one has the same problem. I read all the pdf and re-read them 5 times. I use FSX sp2 on Seven 64. I installed FSUIPC 4.60a (and reinstalled 10 times). FSUIPC works well. I use Wideclient on a Seven 32b laptop. I have no firewall (Windows firewall disabled) and use Avast. I tried using TCP or UDP. I entered the ServerName and the ServerIPAddr. Something is blocking the connection but I don't know what exactly... Let me show you my ini files. FSUIPC4.ini [General] UpdatedByVersion=4600 History=RKKS13DBGL0ERK04QQJ4N TCASid=Flight TCASrange=40 AxisCalibration=No DirectAxesToCalibs=No ShowMultilineWindow=Yes SuppressSingleline=No SuppressMultilineFS=No AxisIntercepts=No DontResetAxes=No WeatherReadFactor=2 WeatherRewriteSeconds=1 CustomWeatherModify=No SimConnectStallTime=1 Console=No MouseWheelTrim=No MouseWheelTrimSpeed=1 JoystickTimeout=20 PollGFTQ6=Yes BlankDisplays=No FixControlAccel=No FixMachSpeedBug=No VisibilityOptions=No OneCloudLayer=No CloudTurbulence=No CloudIcing=No GenerateCirrus=No SuppressCloudTurbulence=No MaxIce=-4 MinIce=-4 UpperWindGusts=No SuppressWindTurbulence=No SuppressWindVariance=No WindTurbulence=No TurbulenceRate=1.0,5.0 TurbulenceDivisor=20,20,40,40 SuppressAllGusts=No MaxSurfaceWind=0 WindLimitLevel=200 WindDiscardLevel=400 WindAjustAltitude=No WindAjustAltitudeBy=2000 SmoothBySimTime=No WindSmoothing=No WindSmoothness=2 WindSmoothAirborneOnly=Yes PressureSmoothness=0 TemperatureSmoothness=0 DisconnTrimForAP=No ZeroElevForAPAlt=No ThrottleSyncAll=No WhiteMessages=No ShowPMcontrols=No SpoilerIncrement=512 MagicBattery=No RudderSpikeRemoval=No ElevatorSpikeRemoval=No AileronSpikeRemoval=No ReversedElevatorTrim=No ClockSync=No ClockSyncMins=5 ClearWeatherDynamics=No OwnWeatherChanges=No TimeForSelect=4 LoadFlightMenu=No LoadPlanMenu=No PauseAfterCrash=No BrakeReleaseThreshold=75 SaveDataWithFlights=No ZapSound=firework ShortAircraftNameOk=No UseProfiles=No [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 0=Saitek X52 Pro Flight Controller 0.GUID={CED58D30-611A-11DF-8001-444553540000} [WideServer] WideFSenabled=Yes [Buttons] ButtonRepeat=20,10 [AutoSave] AutoSaveEnabled=No [GPSout] GPSoutEnabled=Yes Port=WideFS Speed=4800 Interval=2000 PosTo6Decimal=Yes Sentences=RMC,GGA,GSA [GPSout2] GPSoutEnabled=No Port=COM1 Speed=4800 Interval=2000 PosTo6Decimal=No Sentences= WideClient.ini ; PLEASE SEE WideFS documentation for parameter details ; ===================================================== [Config] ServerIPAddr= Protocol=TCP Port=8002 Window=389,34,798,558 Visible=Yes ButtonScanInterval=20 ClassInstance=0 NetworkTiming=5,1 MailslotTiming=2000,1000 PollInterval=2000 Port2=9002 ResponseTime=18 ApplicationDelay=0 TCPcoalesce=No WaitForNewData=500 MaxSendQ=100 OnMaxSendQ=Log NewSendScanTime=50 Priority=3,1,2 ; ----------------------------------------------- [User] Log=Errors+ ; =============================================== And my log files... FSUIPC4.log ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.60a by Pete Dowson ********* Reading options from "E:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini" Trying to connect to SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07 ... User Name="XXX XXX" User Addr="xxx@xxx.fr" FSUIPC4 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided Running inside FSX on Windows 7 (using SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07) Module base=61000000 Wind smoothing fix is fully installed DebugStatus=255 234 System time = 22/05/2010 22:23:12 234 FLT UNC path = "\\COOKIE-SEVEN\Fichiers Flight Simulator X\" 234 FS UNC path = "\\COOKIE-SEVEN\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\" 749 LogOptions=00000000 00000001 749 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 3261 Running in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X", Version: 10.0.61472.0 (SimConnect: 10.0.61259.0) 3261 Initialising SimConnect data requests now 3261 FSUIPC Menu entry added 3307 \\COOKIE-SEVEN\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\FLIGHTS\OTHER\FLTSIM.FLT 3307 \\COOKIE-SEVEN\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aircreation_582SL\Aircreation_582SL.AIR 60825 \\COOKIE-SEVEN\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\feelThere PIC A332GE\FeelThere_A330-200.AIR 138560 System time = 22/05/2010 22:25:30, Simulator time = 10:23:18 (08:23Z) 577609 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 438 secs = 21.6 fps 646843 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 30 secs = 18.8 fps 725810 System time = 22/05/2010 22:35:17, Simulator time = 10:23:32 (08:23Z) 725810 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Average frame rate for running time of 481 secs = 21.3 fps Memory managed: 2 Allocs, 2 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *********** Wideclient.log ********* WideClient Log [version 6.78] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 22/05/10, Time 22:33:47.008: Client name is COOKIE-LAPTOP 172 Attempting to connect now 172 Trying TCP/IP addr, port 8002 ... 1217 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10061] Connection refused 1217 Ready to try connection again 2278 Attempting to connect now 61995 Trying TCP/IP addr, port 8002 ... Edit : As many people I think, it works now. I changed nothing in my conf. I just restarted FS and Wideclient (for the 21th time). Thanks to have read me.
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